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Guide How to set up a Blade Media BM5000s

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM5000s' started by bees, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Download the firmware from here

    (Link now points to Sept firmware)

    Unzip the file.

    You should have a file ending ".ssu" file

    Load the ".ssu" file onto a pen drive

    Menu - Setup - Update & Backup


    Image Upgrade


    Select the ".ssu" file

    Wait for it to flash the new image


    The box will reboot automatically

    Menu - Channel - Blade Online


    Download the channel list for your area



    The box will reboot automatically

    You should now have FTA channels

    Download a blank config file from here

    Load in the config file by USB just like before.

    Menu - Setup - Update & Backup - Image Upgrade

    (Note picture shows Jan firmware file)


    To enter a line manually press "Menu then 9991" on the remote.


    Enter you C or N line details


    Save (Yellow Button)

    Exit out of all of the menus

    You will now need to reboot the box, it doesn't do it automatically

    If you want to enter a line by USB instead of typing in the details

    Open the config file with notepad


    Paste in your line (example shows an N line)


    C lines are at the top, N lines near the bottom, depending on what type you are using

    Make sure you paste over the "#" at the start of each line you enter

    Save the changes and put it on your pen drive

    Menu - Setup - Update & Backup - Image Upgrade -Select the config file and reboot the box after it has loaded

    If you haven't got a line yet, you could always post a request here

    To get the 7 day EPG, put a pen drive into the box or a USB HDD,

    Press EPG on the remote, then download.

    You should now be up and running
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  2. Fezzer

    Fezzer Member

    Nice work Bees! Did ya manage to get the 7 day EPG working?
  3. Ron105

    Ron105 Member

    & day will be along soon..
  4. bees

    bees VIP Member

    It's a new box with work in progress
    As Ron said, it's not out yet but should be
    in about 2 weeks
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2014
  5. maff

    maff VIP Member

    Got my 5000s delivered today. Had it up and running in 15 mins using this tutorial. Seems like a great receiver for the price. Cheers bees for the guide,and ron105 for the software.
  6. waj

    waj Member

    Worked a treat thanks
  7. bb5

    bb5 Member

  8. johnner09

    johnner09 Member

    up and running guys, thanks for the tutorial !!
  9. redeye329

    redeye329 Member

    Thanks Bees, brilliant tutorial, up and running in no time :)
  10. Scoo8y

    Scoo8y Member

    just got mine up and running to, alot better than a F5s

    just got mine up and running to, alot better than a F5s.

    how i change the channel list i.e christmas channels rebrand back to normal and is there away to have the channel numbers the same as sky
  11. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Press OK on your remote. Select the group you want to edit eg sport news etc. Press Exit.

    Menu - Channel - TV Channel Editor

    Select the channel you want to edit.

    Red button - Rename

    F2 button - Move.

    I wouldn't bother messing with it too much at this stage as they are working on the EPG.
    Loading a new file will wipe all the changes you make now anyway.

    (If you notice in channel editor at the top, the group titles are wrong in that section, but the channels are grouped correctly)

    I posted an update here yesterday
  12. J2750

    J2750 Member

    Good Job! works perfectly.
  13. minty2c

    minty2c Member

    hi, i am a complete newbie to this but i understand the previous post regarding flashing, but what is the C or N line and which do i require. i have also posted on the request forum if anyone can suggest a good place to get either the C or N line. sorry to be so basic but any help is appreciated
  14. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Have a look at the pictures in the tutorial

    C line=CCcam , N=Newcamd.

    Just enter them in the right part of the menu.

    They are just different protocols the boxes use to talk to the server.

    N lines are generally supplied by larger servers, C by smaller ones as they are easier to set up.

    Post a request for a recommendation here
  15. davedap

    davedap Member

    thx for all the info all working good now!
  16. Scoo8y

    Scoo8y Member

    any news on the update with the 9991 option Bee's
  17. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Not dates yet, but heard somebody is working on it.
  18. Scoo8y

    Scoo8y Member

    Sweet, I cant seem to pause the tv on my box, recording is fine though any ideas
  19. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Dunno, not got round to that bit yet. :dunno:
  20. ellishme

    ellishme Member

    Have to try this box on order not sure about adding these lines with remote