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Guide How to set up a Blade Media BM5000s

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM5000s' started by bees, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. sawapawa

    sawapawa Member

    I've downloaded the latest ssu file from the first page of this thread, and gone through the part where it says blade online. But when I try and load the .cfg file the usb stick isn't recognizing it?
  2. easthope31

    easthope31 Member

    wonder if anyone can help me uploading CFG file, I not used one these unit before only dreambox
  3. hearts

    hearts Member

    M8 I find the easiest way is just to do it by hand. Write the details in, it always works and saves bother.
  4. easthope31

    easthope31 Member

    Thanks for the reply, I have sorted the CFG file out and my current provider has locked my mac address to the service, pulling my hair out thinking why isnt it working lol
  5. ht_turbo

    ht_turbo Member

    This is good info but how can I download September version

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    Blade BM5000s trying to resolved 9991 isusse on my box any helps or download available
  6. lloffty5

    lloffty5 Member

    downloads are available at the top of the forum page.

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  7. ht_turbo

    ht_turbo Member

    having the same problem did you upgrade your firmware if so you will need to roll back to September version
  8. nogsey

    nogsey Member

    Hi. Thanks for all the info. It was invaluable
  9. Myrealnameis

    Myrealnameis Member

    Hi folks I've a bm8000 the set up is similar but weirdly I notice that the channels are all over the place and there is a lot not coming in.

    I'm guessing I need to set up s fav list.

    I downloaded a fab list from blade online at the correct satellite and it's not much changed

    Am I doing anything silly
  10. srinivas

    srinivas Member

    I'm trying to download the config file, but I'm unable to do this... can someone point me in the right direction?
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2016
  11. mica

    mica Member

    dont know how to get around this
  12. lord_roro

    lord_roro Member

    can someone help me understand what to do, im very confused sorry.
    i have to download the link and put the file on a usb and put it in the blade bm500s box and press upgrade?

    please can someone help thanks you
  13. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Be very careful !!!!! if you press OK to upgrade, sometimes the box will explode :fartlight:

    Just follow the guide, it works :thumbsup:
  14. david322651

    david322651 Member

    Hi am having problems with movie channels and sky sports2 might be others ive put the latest patch on and done the blade on line but chanels sem to be messed up
    anybody any ideas ?
  15. ginjaninja

    ginjaninja Member

    does the EPG still work, my boss has just brought one of these in for me to sort and i followed the excellent Tut, Thanks Bees. but the only thing i was not getting to work was the EPG, i tried putting the USB stick (front and Back) then pressing EPG choosing download everything appears to be working downloads then parsing channels box reboots then when i go to EPG all that is there is channel i am on shows now and next, whenever i move across or to another channel it just says searching.

    if i am missing something then just shout, as i may have missed something after a tiring 12 hour grueller

    The Ninja
  16. xabial

    xabial Member

    Hi guys, just wanted to ask a question. I have recently set up a few skybox f5's with c-lines and I have since acquired a brand new Blade BM 5000s. I have checked with the supplier of my lines and he said they will work ok. My question is, I am unfamiliar with these boxes, do I have to follow all the steps in page 1 of this to "set it up" or can I just install the c-line straight off?

  17. bees

    bees VIP Member

    The box comes flashed with official firmware.

    Patched firmware for this box in known as a 9991 version.

    Put the patched version on, also load the config file on to the box, press menu then 9991 on the remote then you can add your line.

    So basically, just follow the guide lol
  18. Sparkplug002

    Sparkplug002 Member

    just wondering I have bought a new box. it has 9991 option with pre installed firmware but doesn't clear channels with line entered manually
    Do I need to install sept firmware
  19. xabial

    xabial Member

    Haha thanks Bees. Will do that. Can I ask what a "config" file is and what it does? I don't think I had to install this on my f5
  20. yatesie90

    yatesie90 Member

    cant seem to even download the file :/