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Guide How to set up a Blade Media BM5000s

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM5000s' started by bees, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Macmac99

    Macmac99 Registered

    Hi Bees. Got a new bm 5000s neo. . when trying get to download software upgrade through image upgrade it keeps saying goes update fail. Are we doing something wrong. More info the TV will be connected via Internet rather than skydish, will it still work or does it need a dish
  2. Ash0611

    Ash0611 Registered

    Hi i am struggling with this, i just recently purchased blade media 5000 neo,
    i am getting no luck regarding 9991 channel
    it keeps saying invalid

    IAINRMS Registered

    Having trouble getting config file for C line to upgrade and system will not allow 9991 just says channel not recognised. have tried following instructions but to no avail can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong thanks in advance had the system nearly a month and it still isnt working
  4. cato41

    cato41 Registered

    Hi am no expert but just seen your post about the 9991 now working did you try pressing the 9991 when u are in the menu, it worked for me
  5. maff

    maff VIP Member

    That's right. Make sure you're in the menu before using the 9991 feature with Blade 5000s firmware. With the 7000s you press 9991 whilst watching a channel.
  6. cogadhra

    cogadhra Registered

    Lovely thanks works great
  7. sam Shah

    sam Shah Registered

    Hello Everyone,

    Can someone please help me. I got new Blade BM5000 neo box and also bought new CCCAM line. But I am having issue find firmware file.

    On Page-1 there is good set up instruction which is very helpful but I am not sure where i can download latest firmware (.ssu) file from ?

    I believe i will also require config file. I am not sure where i can download these files.

    Please help me.

  8. hughes76

    hughes76 Registered

    hi folks,
    my son factory reset my box the clown.... now I don't have a connection. I have loaded 07/03/16 and 14/08/15 and don't have the 9991 option after pressing menu, and the box doesn't see my config file on my usb stick.....

    any ideas?
  9. hughes76

    hughes76 Registered

    the two firmwares I tried were from the blade website.........
  10. Heheshamon

    Heheshamon Registered

    Hi will be getting the bm5000s neo in a day or two could someone put a link here for the firmware in the download section some members have advised it's there but I can't see it.
    Thanks in advance.