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Cable H2H VM full setup guide

Discussion in 'Zgemma Star H.2H' started by TeesMaarKhan, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Levjski

    Levjski Member

    Hi. Amazing guide. Got a stream showing witch is amazing! Where it says update xepgdp providers I couldn't find that option. Is it in the same place as the update rytec providers? My epg is just blank at the moment. :(


    With some more playing around I got it to find loads of channels and update the EPG. Just a quick question as I'm not sure if it's how I set it up or if it's my line but I can't access any premium channels like Sky1 or Sky Movies etc, it just shows a black screen.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2016
  2. mclips

    mclips Member

    Hi anyone got VM freqs for limerick ireland
  3. sting

    sting Member

    Got all working, thank you, but the only problem I am having is no autobouqete marker on my menu ? says its installed but carnt see it ???
  4. TeesMaarKhan

    TeesMaarKhan Member

    Hope you guys are enjoying the guide... It's been a while and have made major ammendments so at some point will update... Enjoy
  5. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    Why not release a backup of what you have and do a guide for it?

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  6. Morris555

    Morris555 Member

    Great help..... thanks
  7. Crozier31

    Crozier31 Member

    Can anyone help have an h2h followed guide put line in but only getting channels 1-5 just useing virgin feed in rf any ideas
  8. Biohead

    Biohead Member

    Have you put your Line on? Have you got the correct type of Line (You need a VM one, not a Sky one)?
  9. Saints1890

    Saints1890 Member

    Hi guys, I currently have the h2s but I'm thinking of getting the h2h for the HD do any of you know if I was to unplug my hard drive from my h2s and plug it in to my h2h if it would just work as normal? Thanks
  10. carrie

    carrie Member

    Thanks for this thread it will be very helpful with the setup. I was going to buy a fully loaded box but this should save a few more pennies for something else :lep:

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    Thanks for this thread it will be very helpful with the setup. I was going to buy a fully loaded box but this should save a few more pennies for something else :lep:
  11. Joebap

    Joebap Member

    The links to file hopper are both emply
  12. clivep87

    clivep87 Member

    Silly questions guys but do i just need the vm cable connection with the coaxial to rf adaptor plugged in and the ethernet to use the h2h or does it also need a satellite connection? Thanks in advance. I currently use h2s on sky connection but my mother wants one and she only has vm cable connection available!
  13. Kurban294

    Kurban294 Member

    Just the vm cable connection and Ethernet to the back of the box. You can also have the satellite connection too to enable recording whilst watching another channel but that will require additional line but some of the providers will include both, you will need to check with your line provider if you going to go down that route.

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  14. clivep87

    clivep87 Member

    So i cant record at all without the sky connection? She only has the virgin cable connection! Also can you pause live tv without? Sorry for daft questions ive never used or set ine up with virgin connection
  15. dezinacity

    dezinacity Member

    Yes you can record and watch and pause live tv with just cable what you can't do is watch one channel and record another unless you use both tuners which means having the sly connected as well

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  16. smartieste

    smartieste Member

    Is there much difference for setting it up with sly? I won't have an active vm cable from next week, but I have got sly cables
  17. dillyp70

    dillyp70 TK Veteran

    You will your vm line wont be switched of in the main hub
  18. Seab0106

    Seab0106 Member

    Good work guys
  19. hammad

    hammad Member

    I'm the same find lots of channels but everthing more or less shows a lock symbol and displays a black screen .
  20. weetabix

    weetabix Member

    going to give the old details from another site a go unless it's a bad idea

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