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Cable H2H VM full setup guide

Discussion in 'Zgemma Star H.2H' started by TeesMaarKhan, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. mabawzzer

    mabawzzer Member

    Hi mate. I don't know if you got the problem sorted but I had similar issue when setting up last week. Flashed the box twice and went through the whole set up and searches etc. After about 5 hours I emailed my provider and it turned out that 1 of the numbers in line was wrong . Edited it and success! The EPG showed the locked channels as black but when I clicked on them the picture was fine. The EPG sorted itself out overnight as well.

    Big thanks to everyone for the advice on the forum as well.
  2. Superhoop196

    Superhoop196 Member

    Hi there .have you re posted you guide as i cant find the link .Thanks in advance for your hard work .
  3. eck2012

    eck2012 Member

    is the guide still availble any were
  4. cageyone

    cageyone Member

    I was looking to using TeesMaarKhan, H2H VM full setup guide, but couldn't find it. Can someone point me in the right direction.
  5. Scott2foot

    Scott2foot Member

    Does anyone have a guide to zgemma h2h virgin can't get them going at all
  6. jerico2048

    jerico2048 Member

    Hi looks like iam another searching for the h2h vermin setup guide...anyone that can help...

    much appreciated
  7. ajstyles

    ajstyles Member

    Hey guys
    I have h2h running only on cable as no dish. Firstly how do I get them in Sky order and secondly the numbers are not currently showing. Just the channel name. Using autobouqet maker. Have tried reflash and rescan no joy.
    Some assistance would be appreciated
  8. Dogmeat

    Dogmeat Member

    Hi Thanks for making the effort with the guide, but where do I get it from please?
  9. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    I don't think the thread has been updated with the guide.
    There's one in my signature strip if you hover over it.
  10. Heedsie

    Heedsie Member

    Cant see the guide could anyone provide it for me please. Sorry im a newbie so if i have missed the guide apologies.
  11. bobbybreezeb

    bobbybreezeb Member

    Hi Guys I'm new here and trying to set up a zgemma star h2 with VM only. Can someone point me in the direction of the right Image to use.
  12. bobbybreezeb

    bobbybreezeb Member

    Thanks mate much appreciate your time to respond. VM stuff seems like a mine field and not too popular. Thanks again
  13. Kopnut

    Kopnut Member

    S*Y/VM Setup Guide ??

    Looked all over the forums.... seem to be in the dark as to locate the setup guide for s*y/vm on a zgemma h2 also.... any pointers to where I can find it would be muchly appreciated..... if I've posted in wrong section, sorry in advance.... Thank You :beg:
  14. Tazo

    Tazo Member

    Hi I'm in same boat just bought my zgemma h2h box today and need vm and sly set up plz anyone thanks
  15. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    There's a guide in my signature strip
  16. Tazo

    Tazo Member

    Thank you
  17. Kopnut

    Kopnut Member

    Thanks dangerous, much appreciated
  18. jfish

    jfish Member

    My H2H should be here today, am going to set it up and once fully configured will upload the image here for people to use.
  19. Tazo

    Tazo Member

    That's great
  20. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    Have a look in the sticky section for h2h backups Zgemma Star H.2H or dangerous's guide to setup from scratch

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