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Hi I REALLY need help- DOGS BARKING bad neighbour

Discussion in 'Pet Central' started by celticfc, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. G-Force

    G-Force Member

    I worked with a guy on n/shift on the trains who had the same problem when he was tryin to get day sleep with his neighbours' dogs. He spoke to them several times to no avail so he eventually recorded the dogs barking during a particularly bad day on cassette and before he came in to work he would turn his floor speakers 180 degrees right up against the dividing wall and crank it up and leave it playing on auto-reverse all night long :haha: I know that's not really a solution for you but I thought it would make you smile and get your creative juices flowing ;)
  2. celticfc

    celticfc Member

    i have thought about it m8
  3. Wingchundub

    Wingchundub Member

    Ours only barks when someone at the door or near rear yard.
    Any responsible dog owner would never leave their dog 4 hours or more alone.
    If they knew they would, they shouldn't have one as not fair on the poor thing.
    Clearly suffering separation anxiety.
    No point calling rspca, as if dog has shelter, warmth and food with water plus somewhere to relieve itself, they can't do anything.
    That makes my blood boil.
    Not sure on council in your neck of woods, but here if you can record a dog continuously barking on 3 separate occasions and each occasion being 15 minutes non stop in same day, then they will do something about it.
    Check environmental health fella and see if same as here.
    You shouldn't have to suffer due to some knob jockey arrogant and selfish ways.
    You say you've mentioned to them and they've done nothing.
    That alone would tell me to report them and **** em
    Maybe dog will be taken away and given to an home that can care for its needs and make it part of a family.
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  4. gazzawazza

    gazzawazza Member

    Get local junkies to batter him for a fix....problem solved
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  5. ste

    ste TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Still the same here - they went out yesterday all day and left the dogs in the back garden and it was pissing it down for spells and they have no shelter... I have reported them to the council previously but nothing was done. One of the dogs have since died - apparently suffering a stroke... I think i'd die of a stroke too if I were left in these conditions walking around in circles in the pissing down rain for several hours on end :mad:
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  6. lotteryherd

    lotteryherd Member

    Have you tried a dog whistle? Blow it every time the dogs bark too much. Maybe over time, they'll associate barking with the annoyance of the whistle and stop. I think there are dog whistle apps too.
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