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Hi ppl I need a Windows 7 home product key plz

Discussion in 'Windows Vista and 7.' started by 0191wayne31, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. 0191wayne31

    0191wayne31 Member

    Hi desperate need of a working Windows 7 home product key plz would be very much appreciated
  2. Blackwidow

    Blackwidow TK Veteran

  3. alcable

    alcable TK Veteran

    daz loader thats what i use
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  4. marcus-g

    marcus-g Member

    if you still need a legit key drop me a pm. I've literally just this morning binned a windows 7 laptop running home premium. Everything failed at once, RAM, HDD, graphics card ROFL
    You're welcome to the key if you still need one. Saves it going to waste if it works.
  5. 0191wayne31

    0191wayne31 Member

    Yes plz thank you
  6. shilly

    shilly Member

    daz loader?
  7. morbius

    morbius Member

    Ebay, a couple of quid gets you a key, I got a professional key and its working fine.
  8. MrIan

    MrIan Member

    I have had some legit office keys from the bay, taken from decomissioned computers, guess the same will apply for operating systems

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