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how to install mgcamm 1.35a vix image

Discussion in 'Vu+ SOLO Support' started by mike123, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. mike123

    mike123 VIP Member

    it is now recomended with the new zeus image to use mgcamm 1.35a i have provided all the files you will need. you will need the following programms installed on your pc
    Filezilla or any other ftp client
    winrar to unzip file
    1. the first thing you need to do is install mgcamm 1.35a to your box so using filezilla place the mgcamm 1.35a ipk file into your tmp folder
    2. then goto manage local extentions on your sat box and install the ipk file (let the box reeboot
    3. using filezilla place the mg_cfg file into var/keys
    4. open the newcamd list and edit line 5 with the details of your n-line leave the bit that says cws = and the bit that says server 1 (make sure you save when you have put in your details)
    5. place the above file in point 4 to var/keys
    6 then go to softcam/ci on your sat box and start the camm also you are best to tick enable on startup
    7 you are done

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    Last edited: Apr 19, 2014
  2. ruud82

    ruud82 Member

    Nice one :) All you need is here.

    Have just installed and all is good. Thanks again mate.
  3. sucmnsee

    sucmnsee TK Veteran

    Dude ur a star.
    Been trying different files/tuts etc for ages but could only get cccam going.
    Now running mgcamd for the first time.
    Thanks again and respect :)
  4. satt1888

    satt1888 Member

    Hi m8 tyvm for the help , ok I have got upto installing the mg_cfg file into the var/keys , but I can't find the newcamd
    list ?
  5. mike123

    mike123 VIP Member

    The Newcamd list is in the zippped package above.
  6. satt1888

    satt1888 Member


    hi m8 so this is the newcam file were do i put im my details , truly soz for being a pest & a **** with this
  7. Lawley

    Lawley Banned banned

    Need to download notepad++ then edit line 5 will become clear when notepad++ is downloaded
  8. mike123

    mike123 VIP Member

    use notepad++ download it for free you will be able to follow my unstructions to the letter
  9. swash18

    swash18 Member

    Thank you so much!!

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    The link won't download for me for some reason? Any ideas?
  10. mike123

    mike123 VIP Member

    the link dose work you may of not done enough posts.
  11. satt1888

    satt1888 Member

    i have a N-line does this make any diffrence to anythin?

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    also havin problems installing softcam 2.13 grrr
  12. sucmnsee

    sucmnsee TK Veteran

    Yes only nline will work.

    I just
    Deleted my CCcam.cfg file.

    Uninstalled my cccam 2.1.3. (Uninstall others if you have them)

    Installed mgcamd from mike.

    Started and autostarted mgcamd.


    Edited the newcamd.list. I just used notepad normal and inserted my line where the example line near the end is.

    Inserted the two files from mike into usr/keys.

    Rebooted. ( I just reboot a lot doing things. Not necessary I think)
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2014
  13. Lockeh

    Lockeh Member

    If I have 2 Nlines to use how do I use them both in MGcamd? Is it a case of..

    CWS = First line details here
    CWS = Second line details here
  14. Gho5t_88

    Gho5t_88 Member

    Thanks just what I neen looking for, hopefully it works will post back

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    P.S - Will this by any chance work on a cloud iBox 2 +
  15. sucmnsee

    sucmnsee TK Veteran

  16. Acolon

    Acolon Member

    I gave up on that tried factory reset and followed instructions to letter and nothing. Reloaded Cccam 2.21 and Cccam cfg and box works again is there a big advantage to mgcamd I really wanted this to work

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  17. Lawley

    Lawley Banned banned

    What could you not do its quite simple really.
  18. Acolon

    Acolon Member

    Did as it said but channels woul not clear loaded mgcamd into tmp folder activates and rebooted put mg cfg file in var/keys modified line 5 of new and with my line info and put that in car keys folder and nothing so I installed Cccam 2.21 and added my Cccam cfg and it works but always wanted to see if this was a more stable solution

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  19. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    if using vix image much easier now,i flashed my box then downloaded plugins from the menu with remote look for softcams, nline use mgcamd 1.35a and select that,it will load to box and reboot.
    if using filezilla 2 files needed to be added to VAR/KEYS mgconfig and newcamd list from pc and handier if you had a folder on your desktop [ SOLO ] was my box and 2 files are stored there in case i do a boo boo lol.
    i only have those 2 listings in there and you will need to setup cam via vix blue button to be active and autostart.

    cccam is done the same but your files i think go to etc folder???
  20. giggsybhoy

    giggsybhoy Member

    l want to add new cccam but have no idea and would need it simplified as complete novice

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