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iphone dilemma

Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Forum' started by phillbull, May 16, 2012.

  1. phillbull

    phillbull Member

    hi all
    i have iphone 4 about to run out contract now do i
    wait for iphone 5
    or get the new samsung phone/tablet (its a bit big)
    or any other ideas
  2. wheelo

    wheelo Super Moderator Staff Member Forum Supporter

    For me, if the phone is still working perfectly, it is probably as wise to hold onto it, then see what takes your fancy most in let's say 2 months, it stops you rushing into anything. As for which is better, well, I just don't know, I am still happy with a Nokia brick
  3. anthonytfp

    anthonytfp Member

    Personally i used to be a iphone user. I won't ever go back to iphone because basically its a ipod touch with a real basic phone in it...
  4. Linny40


    My contract is up soon but not going to rush into anything. Personslly id wait til contract is up then go check out them all. Ip5 is out oct apparently and around that time more new phones will be out ready for xmas rush. So if its not broke hang fire. :)

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