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IPTV Server Request Thread Jan, Feb, Mar 2017

Discussion in 'IPTV Guides Support and Discussions' started by wheelo, Jan 6, 2017.

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  1. wise

    wise Member

    Looking for samsung smart iptv sub for sky uk in HD, 3pm kick off and ppv
    test first please
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  2. brandy123

    brandy123 Member

    Hi guys looking for a iptv sub (just sports) obviously live football,
    Main point would need to have the Italian channel that shows f1 (sly sports Italian f1) I think it's called,
    Would need it on my fire tv box so app essential and a test trial (a must)

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  3. alan36

    alan36 Member

    Is there anyone doing iptv tests for zgemma mag is busted so want to c what it's like on zgemma b4 I buy year tanks
  4. emmerdale

    emmerdale Member

    wanted iptv test for mag 254 and how much will it cost me for 12 months please. thanks
  5. ironballs

    ironballs Member

    Looking for trial IPTV for zgemma star, 3pm and must have celtic tv. Cheers.
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  6. xt3mpzx

    xt3mpzx Member

    Hi. Looking for a iptv trial for my zgemma h5.2s

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  7. Lip9571

    Lip9571 Member

    I'm want to go the iptv way so looking for a test with uk channels for a zgemma h2s box

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  8. Lip9571

    Lip9571 Member

    Sorry to double post but is there any iptv out there that has Dutch Channels.. for zgemma h2s his or kodi
  9. connolly72

    connolly72 Member

    I'm looking Sports (HD) and UK channels

    Smart IPTV app testline and price list
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  10. mulls74

    mulls74 Member

    I am looking for IPTV service to include Norwegian TV and 3pm UK football for Samsung Smart TV. Fine if it has other channels as well. No adult channels as part of package please.
  11. dazz690

    dazz690 Member

    I'm looking for iptv for stb emulator for android. Would like to try a test with a view to purchase. UK channels hd sport etc
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  12. SolarCycles

    SolarCycles Member


    I'm getting a Mag 254 box this week and want a reliable IPTV service which consists of Movies, Sports 3 PM Kick Offs, UK based TV as well as the US. Thank you in advance
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  13. mackey9387

    mackey9387 Member

    Looking for a test iptv UK channels sports movies the lot and us channels if possible thanks in advance. Could you please include price list with your test
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  14. ste

    ste TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    IPTV test please - must have a good selection of sports channels as this is mainly what it will be used for although some quality adult content wouldn't go amiss. A couple of days test would be nice to get a good idea of the reliability of streams and be sure to include prices.

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  15. moonman77

    moonman77 Member


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  16. Maillite

    Maillite Member

    Im looking for Sky Sports HD, BT Sport HD along with 3pm Kickoffs. Im happy to get hardware (i dont currently have any) whichever is recommended, thx
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  17. alan36

    alan36 Member

    HI looking for Iptv sub for zgemma and someone who can self install tanks
  18. eoin

    eoin Member

    I could do it through TeamViewer if you install it on a laptop that's on the same network as your box.

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  19. alan36

    alan36 Member

    Sorry have to rephrase looking for Iptv for zgemma and someone who can install via teamviewer tanks
  20. monstermash

    monstermash Member

    Hi looking for an iptv sub must have uk and USA plus vod and adult plus ppv. Must also have test on Plex. Thanks

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