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iptv zgemma h2h

Discussion in 'IPTV Channel Lists / Rtmp Playlist' started by Toon9, May 7, 2017.

  1. Toon9

    Toon9 Member

    hi after iptv for h2h for football 3pm had xcplugin on and runing for a week before the plug was pulled with money gone and no ipv
  2. slyuser

    slyuser Member

    best get a standard IPTV sub and manually upload the channels using echannelizer. I have done this with my h2h and the iptv is stable.

    some on here offer subs and will send you a script to run which will add the iptv to bouquets list.
  3. Toon9

    Toon9 Member

    Cheers m8 4 the info will have a look at that
  4. stegtastic

    stegtastic Member

    Do you just request a normal IPTV sub in .m3u file format and use echannelizer to create the bouquets? Can you record if they are in new bouquets and do they have epg data?
  5. Toon9

    Toon9 Member

    Sorry m8 it's slyuser that has the info on it

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