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Is your Iptv still on?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by woody565, Aug 11, 2017 at 9:06 PM.

  1. SciManG

    SciManG Member

    For those who tried a VPN and it still didn't work check with your supplier that you can use a VPN as many suppliers don't automatically allow use of a VPN
  2. Tred_Bloke

    Tred_Bloke Member

    I wouldn't panic yet, unless your desperate to see the Sunday games. (go to the pub)

    The providers will get a solution. Most of these people are re-sellers anyway, so its out of their hands!

    The current solutions are short term fixes, that may cost you unnecessarily.

    Sit tight.
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  3. spats

    spats Member

    Totally agree, it's up to supplier to put vpn at source, then it goes to buyer through vpn ,so buyer should not be out of pocket.
  4. bazcfc1

    bazcfc1 TK Veteran

    My iptv been fine I'm with ee watched a couple of games today
  5. Stumps

    Stumps Member

    Ive read through the response regarding the iptv and installing a vpn, does anyone know how to install a vpn to a zgemma??

    I have a Nordvpn subscription, not sure if it makes any difference what the provider is called??

    Even though the channels are back on, id still like to try installing so that im ready for tomorrows game.
  6. spats

    spats Member

    Nice one baz, good to know your is working fine m8, but a lot of us has went down bar stewards lol
  7. Ontap

    Ontap Member

    yes mate i posted a link to a tutorial about a dozen posts back took only 10mins to install
  8. Stumps

    Stumps Member

    Ah cheers, totally missed that.

    Thanks, gonna have a read if it now
  9. woody565

    woody565 Member

    Same here, off again. Seems to be server issues

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  10. arnyjohn69

    arnyjohn69 Member

    I followed it and its bang on with Nordvpn! I've now turned it off on my router so my bandwith isn't being hammered anymore!!

    Cheers for the intruction post
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  11. kydavies

    kydavies Member

    What you mean mate you turned it off on the router as its hammering your bandwidth,ive heard it slows your connection which cant be good for streaming which is why im abit apprehensive on getting a vpn that could hinder my connection.
  12. Medlock

    Medlock Zero Poster

    I bought two new MAG256 boxes a few weeks back, both have the same portal links from the same provider, one of the boxes was sent one to Spain last week, my MAG256 went off today at around 12 ish, the other box out in Spain had no problem at all, working without any issues, so the problem is definitely a UK ISP blocking issue, I will be looking at a VPN solution I think?
  13. Ontap

    Ontap Member

    The better VPN's won't slow your speed nearly as much as the free ones, I have been using vpn's for years for downloading and for streaming on kodi.
  14. Taylerlee

    Taylerlee Member

    The vpn route may be a little more complicated not to mention expensive for people with mag boxes or smart tv app. As I understand it they will require a vpn router to plug into their existing sly or virgen router then either wi fi or ethernet to tv or box. I have just been advised that for the router to work efficiently with iptv it should have an absolute minimum spec of a dual core 800 mhz cpu and preferably for best results 1600 - 1800mhz. I hate to say but these are expensive (around £150) then you also have to get a decent vpn licence. As some people have said may be best not to rush in and make an unwise purchase if the problem can be sorted the other end. Obviously people with other hardware have cheaper options.
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  15. jazz

    jazz Member

    Do you have to have a VPN compatible router for this to work?
  16. Ontap

    Ontap Member

    no , your putting the vpn on your box/device.
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  17. jazz

    jazz Member

    I am also using NordVpn with a zgemma. I downloaded the .OVPN configuration files from NordVpn but there is no crt file or any reference for any UK servers ovpn files, how did you get yours working?
  18. dexyweescot

    dexyweescot Member

    all good in the hood here
  19. ianw314

    ianw314 Forum Supporter

    A relative who has IPTV received this message from his supplier........
    Closed New Sign-Ups~ Servers have been updated-- Due to UK Block ISP's We aren't going anywhere- Performed New Tricks ~ There's always a way
    All of your accounts been updated for one-week free--
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  20. windowman121

    windowman121 Member

    Hi i have been using smart iptv on samsung for a yr with no problem but yest it went off and then no playlist when i looked the mac code had chenged so tried loading the playlist on that code and nothing happened can anyone help thanks in advanced .

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