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Kennel cough

Discussion in 'Pet Central' started by makido, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Cool ! I'm surprised they didn't try give you a prescription for the Benylin

    I got some Arthritis meds for my mutt a few days ago, 'we do a 100ml bottle for fifty pounds' she said, my dog only has a few ml a day so I thought that's not bad it'll last her 6 months

    When I got home and googled it, it's £14
    Still needs a prescription though and they charge for writing one out if you don't get the meds off them so they've got you by the nads anyway
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  2. stuss

    stuss Member

    load a syringe 50p from boots with benylin tyxylix no mess 100% effective .
    good luck with your dog ..

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  3. makido

    makido Member Forum Supporter

    Just wish I had known that before like lol
  4. makido

    makido Member Forum Supporter

    Vets charge just what the hell they want. We once had an outbreak of fleas. The dogs were on frontline spot on at the time. Rang vets they said to get nexgard as that was good. Cant remember what they charged, but it was stupid money. Never went back for anymore, and I now get their nexgard online with no prescription needed. at less than half price, theyve never had any problems with it at all
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  5. stuss

    stuss Member

    i am off to Abu Dhabi.
    F1.. then INDIA 27.11.2017

    Google your script usually i can get a dogs requirments over counter
    I lost my terrior march if i can help with meds let me know[​IMG]

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  6. makido

    makido Member Forum Supporter

    Would this have the same effect, cos cant get the benylin dry cough not anywhere, can get online but kinda need something now. The vet did say can only give them the benylin. Never give a dog cough stuff before, so I dunno. All the dogs have it now
  7. stuss

    stuss Member

    my late dog got kennel cough. Even though he had been inoculated.. Get her
    correct weight, and google benelyn for dogs there is lots of forums you will get far better info than i can give my terrior enjoyed benelyn.. he weighed 8kg. i gave him 1mg to start..

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  8. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    lovely dog :D lovin that sand dune!
    had two Yorkies, my last one died in 2006 and I've thought about her every day since.
    If she's not in heaven when I get there I'm gonna kick god in the bollocks.
    Got me current dog the day after she died, border collie cross from rescue centre, still running around like a puppy even though she got arthritis, it's being controlled with meds, got pics but none on this laptop, also got vids of her going berserk in front of telly when boxing or horseracing is on, she mad.
    She can be eating her food but if she hears an advert come on that she knows there's a horse or a dog in it, she leaves her food and runs over to telly running around in circles and shaking a teddy bear to death in her mouth:haha:

    She's destroyed three tellies in the 11 years I've had her, knocked one off it's stand by jumping at it, put her head through the plastic screen of one of those projector style pieces of crap with 3 coloured bulbs in the back.
    Knocked a 32 in smart tv off it's stand last year which had been in the house a month...all these tellies had been given to me so wasn't overly bothered but got a half decent one now so I've fixed it to wall 3ft up, looks shite with cables hanging down the wall but it's better than it becoming another necklace for me dog :thumbsup:
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  9. stuss

    stuss Member

    i loved my yorkie with all my heart.
    he was 19 when he died. i remember leaving stuss's ball in the centre consul of my brand new merc...
    when i came back he ate the consul to get to his ball...
    Thats why i loved him . as so unpredictable, yet so faithful ..
    sadly missed..
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