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Linux Dorks

Discussion in 'Other operating systems.' started by Stoke, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. Stoke

    Stoke Member

    I am thinking of buying this little guy for at work.
    Stress Penguin
    Cute little mascot, then he can sit next to my linux machine and when anyone wants help fixing their Windows machine, I can redirect them to Tux. :D

    Speaking of work, I've been unwell since Wednesday..... perhaps some bad valentines cooking? So, I opted to work from home, which seemed to confuse a few of my work buddies.....

    "err, how can you work from home without your laptop mate?", "what do you mean you can do your work from home, your laptop is on your desk?"

    to which, my reply seemed to confuse them.... a lot.

    "not a problem, VPN Into work, ssh with X window forwarding, don't forget to use aes128-ctr cipher for best performance".

    Hello work laptop, hello nautilus, hello sublime, hello picocom, hello all my code..... hello being able to work just as effectively from my home PC as if I was at work......

    Pretty sure you can't do that on Windows..... well, I suppose Windows users do have LogMeIn :whistling:
  2. trickpaul

    trickpaul Member

    I would predict that if people really log what they do on a pc, it would result in mainly surfing and maybe word processing for a lot of them and if you broke in to their houses at night deleted windows and installed Linux with win10 theme, they would never know, unless they asked why their pc had suddenly got quicker lol

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  3. trickpaul

    trickpaul Member

    The install process could have a code name of "Tux it in"

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  4. steptoe

    steptoe Member

    old thread alert

    I've been using Ubuntu since I accidentally deleted windoze off my old laptop about 9 years ago,
    a guy at work said he'd sort it and gave it back to me with Ubuntu on, and it just works, and I know NOTHING about computers,,,,,,
    I now have a few different versions on my computers, and have Kali on a 3way boot on one of them, thats a scary OS when you realise what even a numpty like me can do with it.....

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