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lost most channels help

Discussion in 'Openbox Satellite' started by ralphie67, May 19, 2017.

  1. ralphie67

    ralphie67 Member

    hi guys been keeping up with developments on here regarding losing sky sports channels but i have lost all sky movie channels all sky sports channels i can get freeview channels tried network upgrade no change.it doesnt say scrambled or no signal on any of the channels i cannot recieve just wondering anyone else lost all these channel by the way bought my box last year with 3 year gift
  2. Mcvitie

    Mcvitie Member

    Most of my channels are the same just comes up a blank screen i dont know whats happening some times they work some times they dont

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  3. gaosphappy

    gaosphappy Member

    All sky movies and all sky sports went down Tuesday/Wednesday. Along with nat geo and a good few others.

    Cs for now if not forever is gone.

    Good luck

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  4. mike142

    mike142 Member

  5. golf59

    golf59 Member

    Same here discovered movies gone and those few remaining sports cahannels all gone.So is that it all over now?Its somthing to do with sky changing freqencies.
  6. ste

    ste Forum Supporter

    More like a change of encryption.
  7. tobermory

    tobermory Member

    So its all over for Zgemma users ?
    Boo Hoo !
  8. ste

    ste Forum Supporter

    On the satellite side of things, it is for now i'm afraid to say so.
  9. Paulh24

    Paulh24 Forum Supporter

    Configure your zgemmas for IPTV, thats next best thing
  10. stuss

    stuss Member

    iptv is not perfect..
    sport to many to mention in 720
    tv ok lots of work still needed
    .i stuggled to watch fta so i used my tv
    movies in HD very good
    american channels very good no issues
    my provider concentrated on sport and it shows in quality of streams

    he even uplloaded uk gold for me.
  11. goose1

    goose1 TK Veteran

    only way now forward for our daily fix is either vm im lucky as have it and iptv or kodi streams still plenty placs to find sumit you will watch or worse case start to talk to wife :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  12. BMW325D

    BMW325D Member

    Well, I don't know what to try next, I've tried just about everything, unplugged both the box and the router, rebooted everything a couple of times and still can't get sky channels or films, the iptv player still works, has anyone got any ideas, this thing is driving me mad, it's a zgemmeh2s.
    I've not done a flash because I wouldn't know where to begin, any help in noddy language would be appreciated, thanks in advance
  13. ste

    ste Forum Supporter

    The channels that you can't get are gone and there's no hope of them coming back i'm afraid. If you're lucky enough to live in an area where you can get cable, you can get a cable box and line.
  14. goose1

    goose1 TK Veteran

    as ste says above sly channels are gone dead going every week be non soon so go for vm cable or iptv
  15. ralphie67

    ralphie67 Member

    thanks guys thought it was just me are there any threads on wich are the best iptv services for uk
  16. stuss

    stuss Member

    lots of servers on here . best ones are kept private
  17. tobermory

    tobermory Member

    Talk to the wife? Why do you think I got this box in the first place :)
    There must be another alternative !!!
    Note to self : research IPTV setup !

    Cheers everyone!
  18. goose1

    goose1 TK Veteran

    plenty iptv services out there but its finding right one like needle in haystack you got to try crap ones till you find a good iptv
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