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Mag 254 First Time

Discussion in 'ALL MAG BOXES' started by SolarCycles, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. SolarCycles

    SolarCycles Member

    I've just received my box amd I'm unable to get it to start, ive followed the instructions of putting which cable in first and all I've got is a blue light at the front and a blank screen?
  2. SolarCycles

    SolarCycles Member

    It's up amd running.
  3. SolarCycles

    SolarCycles Member

    I'm having all sorts of problems first a free trial and I,got the STB message now I've tried another one and my box is saying Time on the device is not synchronised. I've followed all,the guides on resettting but can't get rid of this message. I'm going crazy trying to fix this???????
  4. slyuser

    slyuser Member

    when i got my box it was supposed to come pre programmed but instead it was empty.

    spoke to provider who sent me a comprehensive guide with everything i needed to put in all boxes. may be worth speaking to your provider to see if they can help

    I have heard that sometimes the mac address could be cloned and that causes some isssues.

    Hope this helps

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