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Mikey B OpenAtv 6.1 Support Thread

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by mikeyb123, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. villa2010

    villa2010 Member

    That's what I thought. but nothing
  2. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

  3. freakydeakie

    freakydeakie Member

    Great image, but, the latest release has cleared the spinning circle I was getting in the top left of my screen, but now Im gett a message popping up in the top right that says, Cashe Flush Status, Mem Cleared every so often. Any clues please??
  4. bugaloo41

    bugaloo41 Member

    menu > plugins > cache flush > ok > "show info on screen" change from "yes" to "no" > green for save - message wont appear.
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  5. freakydeakie

    freakydeakie Member

    bugaloo41, thanks very much.
  6. terrybee7

    terrybee7 Member

    Thanks for the image. Works perfect with H1.

    Can anyone confirm if this will work with the Zgemma LC?
  7. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    Nope, you need the LC image for a zgemma LC
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  8. freakydeakie

    freakydeakie Member

    Good morning, have loaded latest image and all working fine except for EPG. When I select "All Channels" it shows the TV progarm such as BBC1 etc but not the program info for the channels. Any help please. TIA
  9. danny1404

    danny1404 Member

    Will this work on my h3.2? Thanks works great on my 2s
  10. bugaloo41

    bugaloo41 Member

    Only works on h1, h2 and 2s mate.
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  11. bugaloo41

    bugaloo41 Member

    Not sure i am quite following your post mate. Is this when you are viewing from bouquets? The epg works great follow post #105 http://www.techkings.org/threads/mikey-b-openatv-6-1-support-thread.134719/page-6
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  12. jobbers

    jobbers Member

    No, couldn't sort it so ended up starting from scratch with a basebuild openatv 6.1 and adding all plug inside myself
  13. freakydeakie

    freakydeakie Member

  14. strike13

    strike13 Member

    Hi guys,

    Going to flash my trusty H1, the last time I flashed it was when I got it.

    From what I remember plug USB in, and then it will auto update.

    Looks like this FW is plug in and play. Obviously I will set up my Tuner B and put my area code. Is that it or do I need to do something else. Been out of this game for years!

    To get the Skins etc, should I mount a USB with it or what? I can't remember as for the last few years, I had no SKIN, no EPG etc!

  15. ej2_sir

    ej2_sir Member

    Flashed the latest version of this a few times now and everytime I press EPG I get a blue screen crash? everything is set up as described in this article. And I am getting channels etc. Anyone had this or can help?
  16. ej2_sir

    ej2_sir Member

    Think I have solved this.................. Forgot to plug my USB back in for saving EPG data. Since initializing and changing store location to usb everything seems to be working.
  17. bugaloo41

    bugaloo41 Member

    Basically not much more too it mate.

    You need to run autoboquets once your tuners are set up and scan. Then set up your preferred cam and ftp your line. If you have forgotten how to ftp look at dsayers excellent guide in the link below. Any problems pot back it will be an easy fix.

  18. mikeyb123

    mikeyb123 Member

    Hey all sorry i havent been active lately, its due to work... i am home on the 23rd and i will be active to help you all with any problems you have :)
  19. walf1888

    walf1888 Member

    still cant get the iptv player to work. I think its something to do with opanatv and the h2. real sad. I was able to download to a usb. not ideal but better than nothing i suppose.
  20. strike13

    strike13 Member

    Really is plug in and play. I formatted a USB to FAT32, extracted the FW and put the Zgemma folder on root. Booted box & let it boot. I then set up AutoBouquets, selected my Area and scanned.
    FTP'd my line. Then I pressed blue, selected my cam and it worked!

    Quick Qu: How do i deactivate the skin, as it loads quite slowly for me, i have a H1,

    Do i need to leave the USB inside, I've taken mine out as it seems like everything is set to internal flash.

    I don't have a folder /hdd within media, should i just create one via FTP and upload the picons.

    Do i need to mount USB / let the EPG run from there?
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2017