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mtpockets OpenATV4.2 for Zgemma Star 2S 20150403

Discussion in 'Zgemma-star 2S' started by mtpockets, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. derekjf

    derekjf Member

    when you are in epg mode if you press the fast forward button it will move you through the different genres till you get to the one you want.
  2. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    ??? Just tried that it doesn't work but the way I said does the next and previous buttons between 0
  3. derekjf

    derekjf Member

    weird it works on mine. lol
  4. ben1664

    ben1664 Member

    have i got t download the above file to re flash my box us it currently saying boot on the front
  5. DYL4N

    DYL4N Member

    Hi guys, merry christmas, have been using mt_pockets image for a month or 2 and it is the best even for a relative nontechy like myself. BUT I need help please, I am trying to download the likes of AFDAH & Icefilm you get the picture they seem to be installing but when i choose something the box crashes and restarts. I am aware i probably need to do other things and its not as simple as download and play!! I there an idiots guide to setting these sorts of things up on the forum, have searched but to no avail. Any help appreciated. Cheers D
  6. mtpockets

    mtpockets TK Veteran

    for streaming / downlaoding Kodi direct is not working too good now ( I can't find any working links in it and it's slow) ...instead install the iptvplayer and have a look around it...although lots of Polish check out Vumoo and the Web Search (especially Hasbahca sections)
  7. DYL4N

    DYL4N Member

    Cheers mt beer coming your way!

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  8. rpidemon

    rpidemon Member

    Flashed using a Verbatim store n go usb 3.0 memory stick no problems took about 5 minutes. Thank you mtpockets all the best for the new year.
  9. mtpockets

    mtpockets TK Veteran

    If only it was real beer!!! lol
  10. DYL4N

    DYL4N Member

    Up to you how you spend it gonna send a few tonight it's Christmas and people like yourself deserve to be thanked!!

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  11. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    I think your referring to the tokens in kiddacs Dropbox account unless mtpockets has one
  12. DYL4N

    DYL4N Member

    I thought mtpockets had one, no?

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  13. asaplocks

    asaplocks Member

    Sky EPG gone

    hi ive done this, but now my sky epg is like a grey colour and not like before is there any way of having it like it is in the build ? by the way the epg is updating fine just dont look right
    thanks in advance
  14. chriscarey70

    chriscarey70 Member

    GraphicalEPG settings
    Change view mode from PICTURES to GRAPHICS

  15. mtpockets

    mtpockets TK Veteran

    No mate - it's all from the good of my heart! But the virtual thanks was appreciated!
  16. benijofar

    benijofar Super Moderator Staff Member Forum Supporter

    Anybody help with changing the location for weather info please ?
    Can't find any reference in this thread and the weather in Manchester/Leeds is a bit different to Alicante/Spain !...lol
  17. benijofar

    benijofar Super Moderator Staff Member Forum Supporter

    Having read through 20 odd pages of posts i'm totally bemused now !
    Loaded todays version and all ok as per previous.
    Tried to load the picons file which I can't seem to transfer to the USB as it keeps failing ?
    Did the swap bit and that came up active so assumed USB was fine ?
    Went to Software updates (88 available) and pressed update but a warning comes up that the Image is out of date and may cause a problem ?
    Went to flash image online and error comes up not enough free space on /hdd (8gb usbflash) I need 300 mb ?
    Do I need a different/later image (never loaded any, just your software)
    If I go to Hardisk initialisation it fails with the message "error:unmount:can't forcibly unmounts/media/sda1:device or resource busy ?
    Any ideas please.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2015
  18. mtpockets

    mtpockets TK Veteran

    GREEN (plugins list), then set from the weather plugin - you'll then see an option to search for location. By the way if you're struggling with the sites search functionality just go to google and type techkings and what you're looking for in the search engine.... 99% of the time you'll get what you're looking for. Glad you found the right thread! :thumbsup:
  19. MjCooper69

    MjCooper69 Member

    hi all had a problem today with my zgemma star s2 box, the box done an online upgrade and is now stuck on boot screen. what do i need to do?
    Many Thanks.

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    just so everyone knows i did do a full back up to my HDD that was plugged in at the time.
  20. NETZER

    NETZER Member

    make sure your if your using hard drive its set to hdd or usb set to usb.