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need subsription for mag256

Discussion in 'ALL MAG BOXES' started by Joeg9244, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. Joeg9244

    Joeg9244 Member

    hi i just bought a mag256 and i need a subcription for it and how do i put it on to my box
  2. Philios33

    Philios33 Member

    Hi I’m very new to the mag myself,I understand what you have to do is first ask for a test (just to see if they have a good/reliable service),the provider (seller) will ask for your box’s ‘MAC address,after you’ve given them that you’ll be given a portal/url passcode that you’ll input on your box,,after that restart portal n then your all good.

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  3. Taylerlee

    Taylerlee Member

    If you are into football dont commit to a sub until you have tested it on a Saturday, so like 14th Oct is the next Premier date. Otherwise just take a minimum period like 1 month usually £10 but still test loads some are rubbish, some very good but it yakes time. Good luck!
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  4. remstar

    remstar Member

    I got mine today looking into it now for a reliable service, Trying to get the slyk skin to work
  5. remstar

    remstar Member

    Theres a few companies that come up on google when you search for IPTV 14.99 for 1 month has any tested these out?
  6. Philios33

    Philios33 Member

    Slyk skin for a mag 256?

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  7. Simonmcl

    Simonmcl Member

    Looking for IPTV sub for mag 256 myself, anybody?

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