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Network hell

Discussion in 'Network Help' started by brandy123, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. brandy123

    brandy123 Member

    Hi guys long story:
    I've been with bt for 8 months and I am always ringing them up saying my download speeds range between as low as 5 to right up to 55 I'm on bt infinity upto 76 download I've been through 2 hub 6 and 1 hub 5 because they keep dropping out turning green,orange and blue I've had to buy a tp router which now solves the drop outs but I'm still getting major differences between my speeds,most of my devices are wired straight to router and I'm running them with 5e cables plus I've got a tp link powerline connected to my router as well,
    I've had 3 bt engineers out and they all have ran tests from outside my house (exchange box etc) and changed the phone box inside my house and all tests show no faults plus when they run a test from within my house they are getting speeds of 65 downloads,
    So their is something not right if I'm running 5 speed tests from within my browser and they are still ranging from as low as 5 all the way to 45 I am not getting a steady speed and you can gather I reley heavily on stable speeds as I have 2 fire tv boxes for iptv,
    I have switched of the usual stuff that messing with my broadband via the tp router home page and on my bt account plus I've had a very good friend setup all my devices to static via the tp router home page,
    I am lost at the moment I don't no what to do ?

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  2. banny

    banny Member

    Here is the best advice I can give you!

    Engineers aren't always as clued up as they should be...

    Your issues could be down to a number of things -

    Are all connected devices affected or just one?

    Its easier if I just give you a couple of links -


    Id do the following to try and find the issue -
    change all passwords for router access
    Run namebench and amend dns settings if needed -
    Id also download something like IOBit System Care in the toolbox section is an app called Internet Booster it tweaks your registry settings to optimal settings.
    Check if another router is interfering with your channel space at low internet speed time(s)
    Reboot router

    On your windows pc Open a command window (goto run type 'cmd'), in the black command prompt type the following -
    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew

    This forces a new connection to your router and clears any old routing information.

    Run who is on my lan -
    check for any additional 'guests'
    check your ping (how fast does message get from a to b -
    Speed Test (how much data can I download at once
    Seems like a lot but each step rules out certain issues and/or helps identify where the issue lies.

    If you are still not making headroom....

    Then you look at cancelling BT for one of the other suppliers ideally Virmin as all others use your phone line still.

    Or you contact all these folk -

    Gavin Patterson BT Group CEO
    Telephone 020 7356 4931 (Direct)
    Switchboard 020 7356 5000
    Fax 0207 356 6650
    Ms Libby BarrBT Retail MD
    Telephone 020 7356 5000
    Switchboard 020 7356 5000
    Mr Clive Selley  
    Openreach CEO                                                         
    You may think this sounds OTT, I always send my problems to the top and let them delegate it as they deem appropriate, id also be asking for a decent goodwill gesture for the stress and inconvenience! I learnt this from my time spent as a complaints manager.
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  3. brandy123

    brandy123 Member

    Thankyou for the info and I will do each directions step by step,

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  4. mortmaru

    mortmaru TK Veteran

    Disagree with the comment about engineer they have run the tests and the line is fine so there is nothing more to understand it is not there job to find fault with others equipment.

    This is simple to found a solution you remove everything and then place one piece at a time also reset each router to factory state that you try.

    can you post up the models for each router you have?
  5. Tich

    Tich TK Veteran

    Me personally would disagree with you had a friend with a problem with Bt They sent out engineer he could not find a fault and could find nothing wrong Which was funny as when they ran a test on the line originally there was That's why engineer came. After threatening to leave them they sent another 1 out who fixed the problem which turned out to be the connection from outside the house being corroded

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