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New member looking for info.

Discussion in 'Zgemma Star H.2H' started by GazLC, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Biohead

    Biohead Registered

    I believe its something to do with older boxes can't decrypt the new encryption method - and I think this even includes very early HD boxes which is why Sky had to upgrade anyone still on one for free a few years ago. They could have potentially had paying HD customers unable to access the content so they had to give them out for free.
    It also means all standard Sky boxes (none-HD ones) also are unable to deal with the new encryption, and I'm guessing there must still be an awful lot of them out there - enough so for Sky to deem it too expensive to upgrade them to a new box for free. Which is why the SD broadcasts stayed on the old system so that they can still be accessed.
    It will happen one day, it's just a case of when Sky deem it feasible.
  2. DanCam82

    DanCam82 Registered

    Hi. New to this and hope I'm in right forum! H2H box up and running fantastic but on my Virgin EPG any HD channel name just says n/a, whereas all standard definition channel names are on there no probs... Any ideas? On iPab 1.3 and have tried populating but I then lose the HD channels meaning I need to re-scan! Small prob but any help would be great. Cheers.