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New sucmnsee latest vix backup zgemma - 2s-s-h1-h2

Discussion in 'Zgemma-star 2S' started by sucmnsee, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. indiehead

    indiehead Member

  2. tbriant1

    tbriant1 Member

    Thanks guys!
  3. selectavance

    selectavance Member

    Hello. Just followed this after adding a C line... now the box won't start up. Just getting the sucmnsee ident for ages.

    Any ideas?


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  4. taffyapple1

    taffyapple1 Member

    brilliant stuff,great for new members
  5. KingEB

    KingEB Member

    Many thanks for this, going to have a go at setting up my first Zgemma with this image.

  6. doomingdr

    doomingdr Member

    Ok, coming from a kryptview box that is working and on the the H2s wish me luck
  7. Ero1

    Ero1 Member

    Just wondering if anyone knows how to get the resolution icon/dolby/hd icon in the info bar as illustrated thanks for any info in advance ps.thanks to sucmnsee for his build and kiddac for the skin...

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  8. a_smith_2

    a_smith_2 Member

    cant seem to download
  9. weewinkie

    weewinkie Member

    Updated my image from an old sucmnsee vix image to this I am on a good reliable server have been for a year get the very odd glitch as I expect but only used to last 2 seconds tops,now when I get a glitch screen freezes for 30 seconds or so.
    Nothing wrong server end as others I know on same server and no problems.I am using mgcamd 1 38,I can't access the ccam info as get a 'can't access webpage' message when I try.No problems memory wise so anyone any ideas about the picture freezing and ccam info?
    Done all the usual reboot router, box etc still the same
  10. Toplad420

    Toplad420 Member

    Does this work for vm?
  11. Terri jones

    Terri jones Member

    Hi new to this want to download and print user guide ect ,(all ready set up) for Zgemma-star 2s ,can anyone please send a link so I can click on it and download thanks .would find it easier than looking online. Terri
  12. chunna

    chunna Member

    A link for sucmnsee's build? If you go to page 45 his build is there with all instructions on what to do underneath!

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  13. Toplad420

    Toplad420 Member

    Really sorry for the dumb question but where can I find the following..

    "go back and follow earlier instructions for usb setup etc"
  14. Toplad420

    Toplad420 Member

    whats the difference between usb update vs non - usb? sorry I'm a newb with very old image that needs updating
  15. SteveyLFC

    SteveyLFC Member

    Hi guys, wheres the folder to download for this
  16. peanutmania

    peanutmania Member

    Brill Thanks
  17. mr_pr

    mr_pr Member

    Thank you!

    - - - Updated - - -

    It won't let me download, even with a post count of 1?
  18. Johnboy79

    Johnboy79 Member

    thank you
  19. monkeh

    monkeh Member

  20. dream123

    dream123 Member