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Noise in cold water pipes

Discussion in 'DIY Help and Advice.' started by JohnKasino, May 29, 2017.

  1. JohnKasino

    JohnKasino Member

    I'm getting alot of noise in my water pipes. It tends to happen when I have the power shower on but can also happen when I run the cold water tap in the bathroom.

    I don't get the thud noise when I turn the taps off so I have sort of discounted water hammer. I have turned the pressure down at the stop cock and still the same problem. All the pipe brackets check out ok. It is air in the pipes but i'm running out of ideas on how to stop the problem. I have tried ;
    opening up the cold taps
    turning off the stop cock
    running the taps out
    close the taps off
    turn the stop cock on
    turn the taps on

    Seems to sort out the problem for a bit then I get the noise back again?

    I've asked loads of plumbers

    Anyone got any other possible solutions? Thanks.
  2. Ontap

    Ontap Member

    do you mean YOU DO get a thud noise when you flush the loo or turn a tap off ?
  3. Bluenose11

    Bluenose11 Member

    new taps or new valves I had the same problem
  4. JohnKasino

    JohnKasino Member

    No thud. No whistling in pipes just a very loud and long noise in cold pipes upstairs.
  5. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    It's like a vibrating noise as the water is running through, I had it in mine.
    If there's a ballfix valve along the pipe in question, turn it quarter of a turn to throttle the water speed
  6. steptoe

    steptoe TK Veteran

    sounds like a change in pipesize small to big, or a high point trapping air.
  7. sparkybarker

    sparkybarker Member

    Trapped air is normally the problem, wrong sized piping and also restrictions like inadequate ball valves (isolation valves) another thing to look at, also taps themselves too
  8. JohnKasino

    JohnKasino Member

    Strangely if I open up a cold tap in the bathroom next to the power shower the noise stops immediately? All the pipes are 15mm. The only ballofix valves I have are going to the washing machine and dishwasher but all the noise is in the upstairs pipe.
  9. sparkybarker

    sparkybarker Member

    Do you have the noise if you open the tap and not the shower? I knew someone had a problem with the noise when the toilet was flushed, the internal syphon flush etc was changed and that resolved there issue, are you 100% sure none of your pipe work has any isolation valves on them?
  10. RockySauce

    RockySauce Member

    Sounds like you have Rats mate.
  11. leemoo

    leemoo Member

    Isn't this normally down to the water pressure being to high. Try turning down the stop cock that comes into the inside of the property and see if that makes a difference. Worth a try and won't cost you anything :)
  12. sparkybarker

    sparkybarker Member

    Good bit of advice, but if the incoming mains pressure was too high the noise would be present on all cold water outlets, if you think about it logically this happens when there is something restricting the flow such as a ballvalve not open fully, sometimes you find a standard ball valve (isolation valve) isnt right as its not a full bore and there fore restricting the flow thus making a noise, other times you find its a faulty ball cock and internal inlets on toilets other times its trapped air, lots of scenarios
  13. argenta

    argenta Member

    This is a form of "water hammer" in some cases it is caused by a very sudden inflow of water under pressure and a valve shutting quickly. This causes a banging effect in the pipe. You mentioned a power shower in the process and this is where the pressure might well be too much for the system somewhere. It might also be the case that a simple fix might come in the form of checking if a pipe some where in the system is loose and not tied down which could be vibrating and causing it to bang. But as someone rightly pointed out there are various reasons for this to happen. In some cases if you drain the system and refill it can get rid of possible air locks that are also to blame for the effects you mentioned. Hope this is of use.

    I would say as well that the tendency these days for water saving measures are causing problems with smaller apertures in vales and so forth making these problems more likely. but this is a personal opinion.
  14. Hobgoblin1905

    Hobgoblin1905 Member

    if you have a cold tank in the loft. then Its the ball valve.
  15. shellbob

    shellbob Member

    it is usually caused by air sometimes air can be drawn in through an overflow pipe in roofspace, maybe drain system and refill.
  16. JohnKasino

    JohnKasino Member

    Sorted now folks. Woke in the night with moment of inspiration. Power shower fed by tank in loft. Took a look at it while running shower. Sure enough noise started as tank began refill. Dodgy ball valve. All replaced for a tenner. Noise free pipes. Thank feck that's sorted.
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  17. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    I did mention a ball valve on 4th June:) :thumbsup:

    Glad to hear it's sorted
  18. JohnKasino

    JohnKasino Member

    You did sorry didn't notice. Thanks anyway.
  19. garryboy

    garryboy Member

    Had this before. It was a faulty float valve in my toilet cistern.

    £20 from b&q for a new on and hey presto the noise was gone.

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  20. JohnKasino

    JohnKasino Member

    Strangely enough I've also had that noise over the last week so replaced it all with a fluidmaster push button job. Hopefully all pipes noise free now.

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