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Cable oscam_atv_emu

Discussion in 'Zgemma H7' started by vicflange, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. vicflange

    vicflange Member

    Does anyone know how to install oscam_atv_emu and oscam_atv on to fresh install of Openatv 6.2?

    Many thanks
  2. siilver

    siilver TK Veteran

    You need to install soft cam feeds first
    You can get it in the download section on the site

    Openatv doesn’t support cams out of the box
  3. vicflange

    vicflange Member

    Thanks for that, I followed that and now have the oscams installed. Problem is that when I start a cam with the 'new' server file installed in the oscam folder the TV still doesn't come on. The box is a H7C.

    Many thanks
  4. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    check cables and splitters
    have you done a scan and set your netid, and found channels 1 - 5 in sd?
    after installing the new oscam server file, have you rebooted the box and router?
  5. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    You should only be running 1 version of oscam at any one time.
    From your previous post it looks like you have downloaded 2 versions ?

    Is the receiver not a arm processor ?

    You would need oscam for arm processor.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
  6. vicflange

    vicflange Member

    Done all of that. Scan finds 400 channels etc, rebooted box and router several times but still nothing comes on. I think I'm going mad.
  7. qasim22

    qasim22 TK Veteran

    Might have a bad line? have you tried a few

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  8. vicflange

    vicflange Member

    Line is fine when in virmin original box but then finds channels but displays nothing in H7C, am I missing something?
  9. qasim22

    qasim22 TK Veteran

    Not that line mate as in active sub?

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  10. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Have you recieved an oscam.server file from your provider, or have you made one yourself using a Cccam to oscam converter?

    the box won't get premium channels without a sub
  11. vicflange

    vicflange Member

    Sorry, I misunderstood, the (sub) line is fine. It was working earlier, box blue screened yesterday so I decided to try a clean install today and having set it back up again I'm now without any picture at all.
  12. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    if you can't get 1-5 sd then I'd say the vm cable is disconnected, maybe a duff splitter or loose connection, failing that, your line has either expired or you've made a mistake installing it
  13. vicflange

    vicflange Member

    So got everything sorted but only tuner b seems to be working, if I plug terrestrial aerial in b it works fine and if I plug cable in b it's fine, but no signal if I plug anything in tuner c. I know how to setup the tuners up etc but cannot seem to get tuner c to work. Is there something I'm missing?

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