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Picture suddenly become unstable

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by esm, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. esm

    esm Member

    Hi all,

    I have been happily using a VU+ Solo SE v2 since November and am incredibly happy with the performance with a VM line.

    On Saturday we had some VM issues in our street, connections were down for a 4/5 hours. This has since been rectified and supposedly everything is back to normal.

    Since this time the picture on my box has become unstable. I have attached a screenshot (not my actual TV) to show roughly what I mean, the example attached is much worse than what I am experiencing.

    The issue is occurring on both scrambled and non-scrambled lines so I am assuming a VM line issue.

    I guess my question is how do I go about querying this with VM? Seeing as I only have a broadband package with them which seems to be pretty stable.

    Any other ideas are much appreciated :)

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. leemoo

    leemoo Member

    First thing to check is to go to the VM website and check your area for any problems.

    Login and see if there are any on going issues with your area. Quite possible they haven't resovled all issues if you've had a problem the other day.
  3. esm

    esm Member

    Sorry to bump this but thought I would update and seek any further advice!

    I have tested my box at my parent's house and the same issue occurred. This pretty much rules out the issue being my VM line in particular.

    Interestingly the picture gets worse when I'm using my internet connection, in particular if I use the upload bandwidth.

    Is a faulty tuner consistent with the symptoms I am having? I can't understand how using bandwidth would affect the tuner but this is so far my best conclusion!

    VU have stated I can send them purely the tuner if it is faulty.

    Link to video showing the issue:

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  4. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    What cam using? What splitter make and mhz using?
  5. esm

    esm Member

    Please see image of splitter here:


    As for cam I'm using mgcamd but as I said it happens on FTA also
  6. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    1 to 5 HD isn't FTA if mean that?
  7. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    Splitter should be fine. Cabling has been fine then. Didn't look like line. Sounds like they've dropped your signal at the cab
  8. esm

    esm Member

    Any idea what I can do about it? Or if they will even give me the time of day if I call?
  9. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    Just internet sub you have?
  10. esm

    esm Member


    Bearing in mind my parents live a few miles away surely its unlikely to be signal at the cab?

    I will try to test elsewhere in the meantime
  11. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    Looks like a signal issue to me.
    Can you post a screenshot of your downstream readings from your router
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  12. esm

    esm Member

    I will look this evening and report back
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  13. esm

    esm Member

    Sorry for delay in replying things have been a little manic!

    Please see screenshots attached:
    Screenshot_2017-04-17-19-38-36-1.png Screenshot_2017-04-17-19-38-42-1.png Screenshot_2017-04-17-19-38-46-1.png
    I'll be honest they don't mean a great deal to me so hopefully you can advise:)

    I'm the meantime I tested my box on my in-laws VM connection and it worked flawless.

    This might be a stupid question but can the NET ID cause issues? Seeing as I had issues at my parents house (same area/netid) but not my inlaws (different net id)
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2017
  14. Svenlorenz

    Svenlorenz Member

    Hi, I have the same box and for the last week or so I have had signal level problems. The main channels that have lower signal are Sky Sports 3HD, F1HD and some of the HD movie channels. Never had any issues before now. I am in Yorkshire on the former Telewest network
  15. bacardi

    bacardi Member

    Just a thought backup your channels list and save it. Delete all your channels and run a new scan see if the box finds any channels.

    You should be able to run a open scan without net Id from autobouquets e2
  16. moneybanks14

    moneybanks14 Member

    Sorry to jump in on this thread guys but I also have a vu solo se v2 and im.in west yorkshire!! and my signal has been glitchy for a month or two!! It was absolutely flawless before that and now on sports hd channels especially it is jumping from 99% to 80 to 92 then drops to 0 for a split second that's when the screen glitches then jumps back up to 99... it is all over the place.. not sure how I can go about ringing them up as I only have a broadband package and they can see the vu+ on the account from there end..
  17. Svenlorenz

    Svenlorenz Member

    Same thing has I am experiencing in South Yorkshire though its only one transponder that is not useable. It contains Sky Sports F1HD, Sky Thriller HD and Sky Action HD. Most other channels are 100% signal but this one goes from 24% to 9% to nothing on rotation. It have tried a Technomate se nano m2 plus on the same connection today and its slightly better but not much. We can now rule out any issue with the Vu anyway as the Technomate did not sort the problem. The problematic channel is on a frequency that is in the 7000's which I think is significant. Oddly moving the wire around can sometime stabilise that channel for a while but then it goes back. I have a Satellite receiver under the VU and I wondered if there was some cross interference on that frequency. Ill try powering the Satellite down and see if it helps. Complete pain in the rear this.
  18. shanhanif

    shanhanif Member

    Hi guys,

    I have been this very similar issue with my vu+ duo2 also. I have noticed that the SNR is jumping around as the user above me (Svenlorenz) has posted.

    I have noticed that if I run a speed test on a device connnected via wifi (my iphone) then it glitches a lot during the download but becomes completely frozen during an upload.

    As soon as the speedtest is finished the picture comes back. This is the the same for FTA channels also.

    Something on the line is causing glitching when the internet is being used for downlaoding/uploading/streaming.

    Any ideas what this could be or any solutions to this yet?
  19. esm

    esm Member

    Just to update my personal scenario, I have narrowed it down to the connection of the cable in the back of the box.

    It is super sensitive and if I get it just perfect the picture is flawless. If I touch it with the gentlest touch, the picture becomes glitchy again and behaves exactly as you mentioned shanhanif.

    I am going to try a new F connector but expect I will have to send the box back to VU+ for repair.
  20. shanhanif

    shanhanif Member

    Strange. I have 2 separate vu+ duo2's each with its own coax cable connections and both behave exactly the same.

    I can see the snr jumping around. As soon as i remove the LNB that connects to the router the snr is solid at 100% and there is 0 glitching. This is the case for even the FTA channels so for me i'm pretty sure my cables are good.

    I am going to try and ask virgin if its possible to run a 2nd separate main line from the cabinet so i wont require a splitter and the coax cable going to the router won't affect the coax going into the cable boxes. Something is up somewhere... just cant find what it is for the life of me!