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Picture suddenly become unstable

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by esm, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. shanhanif

    shanhanif Registered


    Took a while but finally figured out whats causing the glitching for me.

    I have a nice strong signal coming into the house. This is then split into 2 cables (One for the router and one for the VU+ box) The cable that goes to the VU+ is quite long (about 35m) and the power level at the end of the cable was the right level. so all good here.

    The problem was that the cable that goes into the router is short (about 30-40cm) and so the power levels remained high and were too high into the router.

    This is why when the router was using high amounts of data speeds (especially upload) it was causing noise on the line overall and causing glitching.

    We have now but an attenuator on the split that goes into the router. This has reduced the power level going into the router without reducing the power level in the VU+ and now there is zero glitching.

    As a test you can use a speedtest app on a phone connected to your internet. If the glitching is a lot more severe during the download/upload part of the test then you most likely have the same issue.

    I hope this helps someone :)
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