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Problem With Triax Tri Link

Discussion in 'Linux problems' started by Erinville, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Erinville

    Erinville Member

    Hi there.
    I was able to use my previous receiver in a second room by using a Triax Tri Link modulator & a magic eye.
    Sadly my receiver gave up last week.
    I purchased an Edision OS Mini Twin Tuner only to discover that it has no scart connection or RCA inputs.
    So I connected a RCA to Scart adaptor to the Tri Link to send the signal to another room.
    I have a perfect picture & I can change the channels.
    The problem is that I can only barely hear the sound & there is terrible static noise in the second room.
    The Tri Link was set to channel 36 & I kept changing it to different numbers between 1 & 69 but the static is still there.
    Am I doing something wrong?
  2. gigabite

    gigabite Member

  3. Janso

    Janso TK Veteran

    Why have you posted that here? you'll have more luck putting it in the general cable section.

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