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Recommend a good cable pay server - request only 2017 exp - june 30

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by HiTeck, Feb 9, 2017.

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  1. myboyrupert

    myboyrupert Member

    TM Twin 4k just arrived, Need whichever line you consider is best for UK Vermin - Nottingham. Much appreciated.
  2. antsgame

    antsgame Member

    OS CAM???
  3. myboyrupert

    myboyrupert Member

    I'm sorted now thanks mate.
  4. connolly72

    connolly72 Member

    looking for vm line working trail in dublin please
  5. xtreme25

    xtreme25 Member

    UK Line
    Harrow Area (North West London)
    N Line (I think)
    Edision OS Mega
    Test line required

    Thank you
  6. karmaxxxx

    karmaxxxx Member

    vermin line required for H5 zgemma do NOT MESSAGE me if your NOT tech supporter or long time user sorry thank
  7. alamjee

    alamjee Member

    Looking for a vm line for Birmingham Uk Kryprtview A780 box, just looking for prices nline if possible please
  8. xhemp

    xhemp Member

    Looking for a vm line, surrey. test line required. thanks!
  9. KodiMaster

    KodiMaster Member

    Hi. Looking for uk cws or nline for mgcamd on zgemma h5.2s. Test line initially would be appreciated. Please pm. Needed for Monday.
  10. Guvnor

    Guvnor Member

    Looking for a vm line for Kent Uk Kryprtview A780 box, Test line initially would be appreciated. Please pm
  11. chedda87

    chedda87 Member

    looking for a test virgin line wolverhampton area. Would like to buy for a month at first if test line goes well. Will be using vu uno4k on oscam. Already have a server but been told having two lines in oscam will improve my freezing/glitching
  12. technocat1974

    technocat1974 Member

    Loking for a test vm n line uk (dundee) mgcamd. Having freezing issues would like to see if its line as provider keeps saying no other complaints....
  13. Abcdeepen

    Abcdeepen Member

    I have a very glitchy c line in Chelmsford area - i have 2 z star Gemma h1 boxes running c lines - need 2 more c lines to try and see if it is the liens i have that are rubbish.
  14. oTangg

    oTangg Member

    I need a nline trial please for VM cable zgemma h2h UK im in Birmingham thanks looking to buy a year sub
  15. Sahif24

    Sahif24 Member

    Looking for a reliable virmin UK Birmingham n line for a zgemma h2h
  16. gardenfella

    gardenfella Member

    Hi. Looking for satellite n-line for zgemma h2s, monthly sub if possible
  17. Muley

    Muley Member

    Looking for Cable line. Manchester
  18. Mr Cu7

    Mr Cu7 Member

    Hi, I need a line for Z gemma H2.s sky...

  19. viper72

    viper72 Member

    His can any recommend a good vm line Devon area.
    N line test would be great to
  20. Whitwori

    Whitwori Member

    Cable line required Manchester

    Must be from long time member no resellers

    Test line required first please

    Many thanks
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