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Recommend a good cable pay server - request only 2017 exp - june 30

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by HiTeck, Feb 9, 2017.

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  1. redarmyutd

    redarmyutd Member

    Hi there
    Just bought a zgemma h2h box after having a openbox v8s for the past few years,I now need a VM line. Email me with prices for 3 & 6 months please,also need a 24hour test line.
    Many thanks.
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  2. shah1

    shah1 Member

    Need a VM line.. Must be on a reliable server and require a test for a few days
  3. jwigley

    jwigley Member

    Looking for a c line for southern Ireland please.

  4. mossenator

    mossenator Member


    Looking for a c line for cable uk. Would like a test first if possible.

    My current package does not appear to work in the evenings!


  5. stevewild31

    stevewild31 Member

    Hello, I need a reliable VM cable N line, Test line first then 12 mths sub please. For a Zgemma H3.2 ? Cheers
  6. alan36

    alan36 Member

    Please is there anyone that has VM lines that work in dublin
  7. Thedraw

    Thedraw Member

    Hi i need a test line and prices for VM on Gzemma H2
  8. wheelo

    wheelo Super Moderator Staff Member Forum Supporter

    Like Alan above, I wonder is there anyone with ROI Virgin lines, I'm wondering is it worth my while just changing the first post to reflect that there are no ROI line sellers on TK.
    If there is anyone, can you PM me please.
  9. lloydy304

    lloydy304 Member

    Looking for vm line for zgemma h2h test line too. UK mainland
  10. Stevo33

    Stevo33 Member

    Hi. Looking for vermin line for zgemma h2h. Test line first if poss? UK mainland
  11. connolly72

    connolly72 Member

    Hi i need a test line and prices for VM dublin ccam please
  12. paulfarrell

    paulfarrell Member

    Hello, I need a reliable VM cable N line, Test line first then 12 mths sub please. For a Zgemma H5.2tc ?
    thank you .
  13. mportch

    mportch Member

    A line for east of England would be good. No resellers or cashed lines plz
  14. spy0012

    spy0012 Member

    I have received a few server options, but i still need a MULTI line sub not a single sub where i have to pay 3 or 4 times to run my boxes, please could genuine multi line, 99% uptime uk VM providers contact me with reasonable and genuine lines send me prices, and test lines.

    Much appreciated, if you have already sent me a pm there is no need to resend
  15. Allan Smith

    Allan Smith Member

    Hi. I'm looking for a reliable line for a Zgemma H2s, Sly, single room. Direct seller with a test please.
  16. benson121

    benson121 Member

    I'm looking for a vm line for U.K. Leicester on zgemma h2h box preferably with a 24 hour test line freeze free
  17. connolly72

    connolly72 Member

    looking for test line for vm dublin eire please i have amiko combo
  18. Wabby69

    Wabby69 Member

    Still in search of a service I can use.

    Need a test. Will only pay monthly/quarterly until I know its solid.

    Full VM with PPV please.
  19. uk_dan2k

    uk_dan2k Member

    Hi looking for a uk vm line, with test line please
  20. weerydo

    weerydo Member

    Hi looking for full VM package with ppv. Must have test line. Please PM me with details.
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