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Recommend a good cable pay server - request only 2017 exp - june 30

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by HiTeck, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. paddythedadd

    paddythedadd Member


    Looking for a reliable nline for H2H, VM Ipswich Area.

    Test line would be good, price for 6 month sub also please.

    Sorted now thanks.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2017
  2. 0to60tv

    0to60tv Member

    Hi, Im looking for an n line for my h2h from VIP or Veteran, a quick trial would be appreciated before purchasing. (Im in SE UK)

  3. d4t1983

    d4t1983 Member

    Can anyone provide me with a VM line that 100% supports 8 connections? Please PM me if so :)
  4. antsgame

    antsgame Member

  5. duanemortime

    duanemortime Member

    Vm line required for Vu + solo v2 box which is coming this week. Want to be able to watch and record glitch free.
    Test line required. (Nottingham, East Midlands)
    Pay monthly and / or 12 month prices please
  6. Bongovr6

    Bongovr6 Member

    VM Nline Uk required stable reliable feed highly recommended suppliers only if possible a 24 hour test line
  7. Jaykop

    Jaykop Member

    Hello looking for a line from a top seller Liverpool area
  8. Wayneh38

    Wayneh38 Member

    N-line required. On VM KVa780. Pm me thanks
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  9. malachy

    malachy Member

    Interested in a VM line for Ireland (Midlands). To work with a Zgemma H2H. Please PM me prices, trial info etc.

  10. Casmo

    Casmo Member

    Looking for a vm cable line, Dublin Ireland. Thanks
  11. ahmeds9

    ahmeds9 Member


    I need a vm provider, west mids UK.

    N line would be preferred. Use oscam, mbox premium twin+

    Thanks in advance

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