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Discussion in 'IPTV Channel Lists / Rtmp Playlist' started by erewego, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. erewego

    erewego Member

    Hi, first time on here.
    My re seller has just gone down.
    I have a Zgemma H2s
    I have just tried to use the script again due to issues with some channels.
    All it gave me was a couple of Radio Stations.
    Is it just a case of 'that's your lot' or is there something I can do?
    Everything still works well on Smart TV and PC.
    Thanks in advance for any help or advice given.

  2. judetron

    judetron Member

    You can get the m3u file and open it through the iptv plugin it's not the best but better than nothing for now the script from what I'm aware is the supplier only who can generate it

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  3. erewego

    erewego Member

    Thanks for that.
    I will give it a try when I get time.

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