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Skin mod help

Discussion in 'OpenVIX | OpenATV Skins' started by Shiv, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Shiv

    Shiv TK Veteran


    Can anyone help in me in getting those blue progress bars to change to yellow?

    I did have them before but as I just reflashed with latest wooshbuild I have have forgot how to apply them again.


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  2. siilver

    siilver TK Veteran

    The latest whoosh doesn't come with kiddac slyk skin

    Hasn't for a while

    You need to find in to the skin folder, go to the file and edit them in Photoshop or the likes or get someone else's mod and ftp them over the old
    The restart gui
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  3. Shiv

    Shiv TK Veteran

    Just noticed that only the working bouquets are displayed and the ones that have gone "dark are not there"... any way of still having them displayed with the hope they will come back one day ? Lol
  4. siilver

    siilver TK Veteran

    What bouquets ar fully dead?
    That's nothing to do with the skin
  5. Shiv

    Shiv TK Veteran

    As in the sky sports channels and sky movies channels,etc..

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  6. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    They have been nuked if they come back they will be re added
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