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Sky Sports News Screen Problem?

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by noelyf, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. noelyf

    noelyf VIP Member


    Having trouble viewing Sky Sports News?

    Sky Sports News was not only launched in HD but also in widescreen.

    This might mean your picture disappearing off your screen and the graphic bar down the right-hand side not being in full view.
    Whether you are watching on a HD box or on a standard Sky Plus box, this can be easily rectified by following these simple instructions...

    Press Services on your handset
    Scroll along the top bar to Settings (spanner icon)
    Select picture in the lower menu
    Click on Scart/RF1 Picture format
    Scroll to the right and select 16:9
    Click on RF2 Picture format
    Scroll to the right and select 16:9
    Press the Sky button to return to TV viewing

    Press Services' on your handset
    Select System Settings (Option 4)
    Select Picture Settings (Option 1)
    Scroll right and select 16:9
    Scroll right to change the picture format to 16:9
    Scroll down to second location picture format
    Scroll right to change this to 16:9
    Scroll down to Save New Settings
    Press the Sky button to return to TV viewing

    Press Menu
    Scroll to Settings > ok
    Scroll to TV Settings > ok
    In TV Format use the < > buttons and set it to Widescreen
    Press ok
    Press the Back button twice.
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  2. allybird58

    allybird58 VIP Member Forum Supporter

    Hey Noel.That is perfect now :happy: :happy: Thanks,that used to drive me mad.Brilliant bit of info.:thumbsup:
  3. noelyf

    noelyf VIP Member

    No problem ally, you`re welcome mate :) Glad its back to normal for ya :thumbsup:
  4. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    i was going to check on mine,but it wont work as i am not subscribedlol:thumbsup:
  5. ye that worked for me thanks
  6. Worked for me also.

    Thanks :)

  7. Oh Noelyf did'nt mean to dislike your post, I was clicking like and thanks and it kinda jumped, I'm so sorry can you delete it :(

    I was just going to say this worked brilliant for me, not that I watch much of it but if my brothers or Da's around they put it on, so much apreciated :)

    forget it I was able to undislike it lol, I think lol
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