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skyNEW Skin

Discussion in 'OpenVIX | OpenATV Skins' started by Chabs, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. jule

    jule Member

    Could anyone help me with this?
    When viewing the epg guide, if I press the blue button to see what's on 24hrs later, the day isn't displayed properly.

    Is this simply a matter of editing the skin.xml code?
    I can have a bash at it myself if someone is willing to point me in the right direction.
  2. hispanico

    hispanico Member

    Dear CHABS...i already installed this but if i search to install SkyQ i receive that same package is already present...or also the contrary i installed SkyQ but i cannot install SkyNew.
    So in which way i can solve it and have on decoder 2 skins ?

  3. noddyrams

    noddyrams Member

    So installed the skin and setup a new Vu+ solo2 box last night, all fine apart from when I go to the planner my screen looks like this:


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  4. siilver

    siilver TK Veteran

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  5. noddyrams

    noddyrams Member

    thank you, worked perfect
  6. Collyb5060

    Collyb5060 Member

    Thanks for letting me know
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  7. siilver

    siilver TK Veteran

    This thread is for skynew, not slyk

    It's not supported here any more
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  8. noddyrams

    noddyrams Member

    on my info bar it says blue button Last/Fav, but when i press it i just get a Please choose an extension... menu?

    How do i add channels to my favourites please?

  9. jaybeer25

    jaybeer25 Member

    Hi how did you get the channel logo? mine is just like this on every channel.

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  10. swampy47

    swampy47 Member

    I install the skin but I have a problem with the font sizing in the TV guide and channel list
    I have missing parts of the letters at the bottom , and the background skin is not lined up , can you see in the pics what i mean?
    I tried changing the font size in channel list menu but cant get it right with the background skin lines
    Do i change the font size or is it another problem? I have number of rows at 17

  11. leeblades

    leeblades Member

    Press menu and it's the pal can adjust it

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  12. swampy47

    swampy47 Member

    I already know mate you can change font sizing and the number of rows in "channel list settings" pressing menu
    I've tried a few different sizes and number of rows but cant get it looking right
    how many number of rows do you have it set at ? mines 17
    for the my "service number font size = 0, and " service info font size = 0
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  13. leeblades

    leeblades Member

    Yes I have mine on 16 but every skin different Have mess with it see it works I have my size on -8 best for me

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  14. Chabs

    Chabs TK Veteran

    Just change the number or rows to 12 not the font. On the epg screen number kf rows should be 8

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  15. Chabs

    Chabs TK Veteran

    Leeblades...hope u ok mate...long tym no hear... :)

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  16. swampy47

    swampy47 Member

    12 lines it is :thumbsup: thanks chabs thanks lee
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  17. leeblades

    leeblades Member

    I know pal I not been on here for a long time did get the picon shrieked if you want them pal

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  18. Chabs

    Chabs TK Veteran

    The have to be updated again as sky is making lods of changes with channel logos...but thanks..

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  19. divil_a_bit

    divil_a_bit Member

    Hey Chabs - love the skin. Thanks for the great work.

    I've noticed one problem when using the Skin that I don't see when using other skins.
    When watching a recording and I hit stop, I'm returned to the Movie List. All OK so far.
    However, if I then hit Exit to return to live TV, PVR functionality doesn't work for that channel (i.e. I can't pause/rewind that channel). I have to change channel for pause/rewind to work.

    I have a potential fix for this. I've seen this code on git master for MovieSelection.py - it's missing from your version of the file. It seems to fix the problem I'm experiencing
    [ Only registered users can see the bbcode. Click Here To Register... ]
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  20. divil_a_bit

    divil_a_bit Member

    Hi Chabs
    I've noticed one other issue on OpenVix (maybe others) that I can't fix. You might be able to suggest a fix.

    When watching a recording, I hit "Guide" and select a program from the guide and switch to live TV.
    Once that channel comes on, pause/rewind does not work. I need to change channels to get pause/rewind to work.

    Any ideas?