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SOLVED - Ubuntu on AMD A9 9410

Discussion in 'Other operating systems.' started by steptoe, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. steptoe

    steptoe TK Veteran

    I'm having lots of issues trying to get Ubuntu 16.04 to run on a Lenovo V110-15AST
    AMD A9 9410 R5 cpu
    googling seems to throw up a Radeon driver issue,
    anyone know where I can get this driver.?
  2. steptoe

    steptoe TK Veteran

    14.04 has the required drivers
  3. rs500nutter

    rs500nutter Member Forum Supporter

    Window cleaner still has a job now lol
  4. steptoe

    steptoe TK Veteran

    still got the FKN stupoid windoze to get installed on my old lappy for the kids,!!!!!!!
    never seen any product that is so unusable that people still use it , :mad:

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