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Streaming .m3u with zgemma star 2s always locking up after 10-20 seconds

Discussion in 'Zgemma-star 2S' started by chewzlife, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. chewzlife

    chewzlife Registered

    I've spent the last two days all day trying to figure this out, it's driving me insane. I can't stream .m3u playlists properly with my zgemma, the stream will start without issue and after 10-20 seconds freeze up or go extremely stuttery. I realise there's a similar thread a few below this one (currently) but they are not facing this same issue.

    For background, I can stream with the iptv player no problem, in full hd for things like vod. My box is wired up and all m3u streams work perfectly on the PC.

    But, when I try and add an m3u file to a bouquet (I've tried multiple ways) the stream will start fine and quickly, play perfectly for 10 seconds or so and then suddenly freeze. To me this makes no sense anyway, as it's not a network issue and it plays no problems to begin with. I have tried multiple ways to do this, and they are:

    Used esettings+ program, (let's you easily connect to box, create a new bouquet or edit existing ones, add your iptv channels and write it back to box). So simple and perfect to use if anyone wants to try it, lets me name all bouquets and order them perfectly. I restart box, load up a channel, channel begins to play and freezes after 10 seconds)

    Used TSmedia, uploaded m3u to m3u user folder, selected it, added to bouquet played the channel, starts fine then freezes.

    Used m2b m3u bouquet converter - installed plugin and converted an m3u file stored on /tmp and created a bouquet. I've tried all types (I've heard multicast is the correct one) and still get the usual plays fine then 10 second freezes.

    Has anyone heard of or solved this problem? I just want an all in one box, sat channels and iptv channels combined on the same EPG. (I have kodi and mag boxes but my perfect solution would be to have it on my e2 box). I have a premium iptv sub (they don't currently support m3u lists so looking to move).

    Is this down to the zgemma star 2s? I'm using sucmnsee's image - could it be down to this? I've tried searching for someway to increase the buffer if there is such a thing with no luck. Is it possibly an m3u playlist providers fault? Just what exactly do I have to do to get this working :)

    If anyone can solve this problem or help in anyway I'd be over the moon.

  2. driver_wedge

    driver_wedge Registered

    If you could PM me some instructions on how to do this I'll have a crack at it on my H2S box to see if it's any better. Everything is sluggish on the 2S box.
  3. mnickels

    mnickels Registered

    Was this ever resolved as I am having the same issue?
  4. matieboy

    matieboy TK Veteran

    I would have thought this was down to the box and it's processing power, I would strip it back as much as you can, even maybe to bare bones, I wouldn't have the like of ts media or ts panel or any other clutter that's going to use up the minimal resources this box has. imho

  5. mnickels

    mnickels Registered

    I have done 4 H.2S boxes with Openview IPTV. Some channels stream no problem, where others freeze after 10-30 secs until you change channel.

    Fed up with this I tried a different IPTV provider, Apollo. It has been fine.

    Looks like I will have to cut my losses on the Openview and replace with Apollo if there is no configuration answer
  6. fatboyhurst

    fatboyhurst Registered

    Im having the same issue

    Some channels play fine, others dont. They freeze after about 20 seconds
  7. exocet1

    exocet1 Registered

    The same thing happens with VLC player until you click the loop tag. Maybe it is something to do with that and I have a h2s and a Star 2s and they both freeze after the same length of time, suggesting to me it's not necessarily a memory issue. Personally I don't think it's that great even when played through the PC.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2017