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Technomate TM-Nano-SE M2 PLUS Enigma 2 Linux HD PVR TRIPLE TUNER Combo 1x DVB-S/S2 +

Discussion in 'Technomate Discussions' started by bobless, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. bobless

    bobless VIP Member/ Veteran Forum Supporter

    Anyone had any experience with the said box(Technomate TM-Nano-SE M2 PLUS Enigma 2 Linux HD PVR TRIPLE TUNER Combo 1x DVB-S/S2 + 2x DVB-C Receiver)Looking for a twin DVB-C and internal storage and this looks a decent price @ 138.Any advice appreciated:thumbsup:
  2. leader

    leader TK Veteran

    Hi Bob yes I have mate, I wasn't to happy with it, picture quality was very poor, and I tested it on different lcd tv's just to make sure it wasn't a bad tv, I wouldn't bother with that box, The miraclebox premier twin plus is worth paying a bit more, or the xtrend et8500.
  3. bobless

    bobless VIP Member/ Veteran Forum Supporter

    Bummer:(Its not for me and he,s budgets about 140-150 tops.
  4. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    I was tempted at that price but let Dangerous take the plunge. He says good enough for a bedroom, spare room etc but not your main box.
  5. rosie12

    rosie12 Member

    Bangord you have a box for sale don't you,Why not do a deal with bob
  6. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    Ha ha. Not officially and it wouldn't be in that price range!
  7. moshibeth

    moshibeth TK Veteran

    You can always sell it unofficially could you not,Not to much extra cost for a good box £180/£200 maybe lol :butkiss:
  8. jthyme

    jthyme Member

    Anybody has any experience with this box AX TriplexBox HD Hybrid E2 Linux Receiver 2x DVB-S2 + 1x DVB-C/T2? I am looking for a triple tuner enigma 2 and haven't found any that fits my price budget (under 200€) Could not find much info about this box but looking at the specs and price it looks pretty good.
  9. mbull

    mbull Member

    HI M8, Looking for a Bit of Advice..
    Saying that, i wish i had maybe seen this before purchasing lol
    Anyways, the box is not for me anyways, just setting up for a Friend.
    I have purchased the said box, and tonight i went to Install
    Virgin cable coming in, and attempted to fit this to the back of the box, as in the Twin Tuner at the back for Cable, not the SKY one.
    The actual cable from virgin doesn't fit it, any ideas....
    Do you need an adapter for this or somethin, what did you use for plugging into the tuner?

    Thanks, any help appreciated
  10. mbull

    mbull Member

    Mmmm, I have one of these and this did not fit into the Connection at the back...
    1 x DVB-S and 2 x DVB-C tuners are installed on the box
    I'll take a Photo of the back of the box...

    ---------- Post Merged at 10:02 PM ----------

    It has this installed in the box.... so as you can see, the little adapter has no way of connecting into this connection..


    ---------- Post Merged at 10:03 PM ----------


    ---------- Post Merged at 10:06 PM ----------

    View attachment 20846 View attachment 20847
  11. Willo3092

    Willo3092 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    It looks the same as a sat connector. Does an f-type connector fit into it?

    ---------- Post Merged at 10:16 PM ----------

    I was pondering on whether to get one of these but I would really prefer 2 sat and one cable tuner.
  12. mbull

    mbull Member

    f-type connector - will not fit into this above, the connection on the picture above is for it to take a direct connection from the Cable feed coming into the house, but it will not take it, simply doesn't screw in.
  13. gravehead

    gravehead Member

    1.jpg i set up a Technomate TM Nano SE M2 plus last weekend and my VM cable screwed into 'tuner in' which is in the same position as the 'rf in' in the picture above.(see photo)
    it took me a couple of minutes but the way i did it was unplug everything from the box put the cable to the 'rf in ' socket and turn the box around instead of turning the screw end of the cable and it will catch and start to tighten up
  14. Tonystark7

    Tonystark7 Member

    Just ordered to replace the one we all had issues with. (selling xtrend on)

    Whats your opinion of it as i can get rid of this if i'm not happy due to price?

  15. Tonystark7

    Tonystark7 Member

    Order this and got to say some of the reviews on here put me off..and have to say after having this highly recommended, I agree what a decent Unit.

    The Picture is decent (only connected VM twin tuner) built in hardrive with Openvix Blue HD.

    I don't get bedroom box label as use in the lounge does what it is suppose to and that's all I needed to know.

    Ditched ET8500 for this and don't regret it...

    1 happy customer..... hatsoff
  16. Boxing24

    Boxing24 Member

    Hello there M8, Looking for a Bit of Advice.

    Saying that, I wish I had possibly observed this before obtaining

    In any case, the container is not for me at any rate, simply setting up for a Friend.

    I have acquired the said box and this evening I went to Install

    The Virgin link coming in and endeavored to fit this to the back of the container, as in the Twin Tuner at the back for Cable, not the SKY one.

    The real link from virgin doesn't fit it, any ideas....

    Do you require a connector for this or something, what did you use for connecting to the tuner?

    Much obliged, any help increased in value
  17. gravehead

    gravehead Member

    Try the way I did it (no 14 above)
    Agree with tonystark running technonate for about a month now and couldn't be happier
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2016
  18. Tonystark7

    Tonystark7 Member

    I plugged in the Cable feed (F-Connector) no adapter required, I thought it was strange as the end of the wire wouldn't go in at first.

    I had to force (abit bit of force) the end of the wire through and the then I could screw the bolt on.

    Hope this helps

  19. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    I think it was me that referred to this receiver as being a "bedroom" receiver
    What I meant by this is that I personally wouldn't use it in a lounge as if you was going to put this receiver under real test conditions (like I did)
    I attempted to record two HD channels at once and watch the satellite tuner. What I found is (maybe as the processor is half the size of the xtrend) I had playback issue with one of the recordings. I put this down to demanding too much from the receiver. On the whole im impressed with this receiver and don't want to put anyone of purchasing this receiver I was mearly saying to bangord that I would put this receiver in my bedroom and not have it as my main receiver.
    I think it boils down to what you need from any reciever, if it does the job for you well then happy days ;-)

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