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Test Line......

Discussion in 'Request a Satellite forum' started by bagz, May 6, 2017.

  1. bagz

    bagz Member

    Can someone send me a test line, to see if everything is ok with my H2S box, and my current line provider hasn't done a runner
  2. GaryChen

    GaryChen Member

    Hi Bagz, did you get a response? I need to verify mine aswell, my H2S box has stopped working for the $ channels since Friday.
    I was wondering if its the same issue with everyone else.. I am going to try a reflash to see if that fixes things..
  3. bagz

    bagz Member

    It was the line that was the problem, i've still not heard from my supplier. I've taken up a new test line and all is working ok.

    I'll retry my original line again tonight, otherwise im signing up with the new line.
  4. gioroo

    gioroo Member

    Testline wanted for 19.2 sat europe . Just re aligned my sat from uk28 thanks
  5. ste

    ste Forum Supporter

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