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the walking dead

Discussion in 'Whats on TV' started by djbombz, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. infamousmach

    infamousmach Member

    Wow ... I hate it
  2. Strong1

    Strong1 Member

    MY most disappointing season so far!
  3. mrmanunited

    mrmanunited Member

    I agree, its doing downhill fast!

    Im getting annoyed that all the characters stories are so spread out, it just slows the story and I lose interest. Just do something already!

    Thing is, i'll still watch it...
  4. Alonso Mosely

    Alonso Mosely Member

    This used to be great when there was a small group of characters, now its just getting silly IMO.
  5. you can feel the tension growing, just waiting for a spark.
  6. illdoit

    illdoit Member

    It's gone really down hill. A spin off following some of the walkers around might be more interesting at this point.
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