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tmobile beat

Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Forum' started by justwantsky, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. justwantsky

    justwantsky Registered

    been asked by a friend can i unlock a tmobile beat
    is there a way aroung this device to unlock to any network
  2. dooby2oon

    dooby2oon VIP Member

    The actual model is ZTE r3100 (confirm from label under battery)

    To read IMEI on screen type *#06#. On touchscreen phones first bring the keypad onscreen and type code *#06# phone will display IMEI on screen, this is soft-coded IMEI Make a note of this

    Go here and input IMEI from phone Free & Instant ZTE Unlock Code Calculator | Win Tech Mobiles

    *PLEASE NOTE: All phones have an 'unlock code' attempt limit (normally 3-5 before your phone is permanently locked).

    1.With phone off Insert an unaccepted SIM card to your locked phone as yours is T-Mobile Just pop in sim from orange voda ect ect, now when starting up phone should ask for unlock code (NP code?). Easy just enter code generated from site above.
    Example NCK/NP Code : 604370024620

    2.If putting another sim does not get NP code screen try these few options, alright now remove the SIM card and try this code ###825*09# . got the prompt for code? enter the code.

    3.Failed above, try *983*8284# . It should work.
    4.Try *983*865625# also it’s working on few models of ZTE phones like F102

    Good luck ;)
  3. Guy Zoetrope

    Guy Zoetrope Registered

    not working

    I have same phone and it's looking for a 16digit number ...any ideas??