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upgrade recommendations

Discussion in 'Request a Satellite forum' started by blueboy1827, May 17, 2017.

  1. blueboy1827

    blueboy1827 Member

    looking to upgrade from my Openbox f5. Now looking for a satellite receiver with iptv capabilities. anyone on here able to point me in the right direction? or PM me where is best to buy or anyone on here who sells them. thanks...
  2. likedm

    likedm Member

    Id recommend a zgemma h2s, i use one & its great, has decent IPTV capabilities aswell.. however it wont beat the boxes purposely made for IPTV
  3. 1999gtv

    1999gtv Member

    My EDISION Osmega has motorised dish connected to tuner a, sky dish connected to tuner b and c. Connected to the second port on tuner c I have the aerial. Tuner c can have cable connected if in a virgin area instead of an aerial and will switch automatically between sat or cable depending on which service you are using. It also runs Kodi, Iptv Player and Iptv line with full epg. However Iptv runs better on my mag 256 and all the catch up services from Iptv provider works on the mag 256 as well, catch up does not work on the edision which my provider had the decency to inform me of before sub was active.
  4. blzbob73

    blzbob73 Member

    I use a Zgemma 2s for Iptv but notice when I try VOD it seems to lock up and I've got to reboot , is this because of its limitations or am I better off using my Samsung smart TV?
  5. userlee5267

    userlee5267 Member

    its the box... i sold mine and bought a h2s loads and loads better in my opinion

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