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VM HD Skin V1.5 Skin

Discussion in 'OpenVIX | OpenATV Skins' started by Chabs, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Chabs

    Chabs TK Veteran

    I will look into that and find the best place to place it on the GraphicalEPGPIG screen...

    Thanks kiddac for the code..

  2. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

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  3. Chabs

    Chabs TK Veteran

    You cant use that pannel...that is 4 sky...those tabs have been designed to make it look like the sky bouquets tabs....I will insert the tabs ontop of the timeline text widget...
  4. Chabs

    Chabs TK Veteran

    New Link for my VM HD Skins (Both The Red & Purple)

    Attached Files:

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  5. sbc1

    sbc1 Member

    Are both these skins working perfectly now with openvix, I'm new to all this and don't want to be messing about with the skin or my box. Thanks
  6. paul1888

    paul1888 Member

    does anyone know if this works with sucmansee unoffical openvix image . running red hd skin right now but like the virgin one just dont want too brick my zgemmma h2 ?
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  7. gizmofreak

    gizmofreak Member Forum Supporter

    This skin (red)is excellent, thank you for providing the link. Only a couple of minor issues with it.
    I would imagine by now chababu would have released an update, please could you point me in the direction of the home forum page of this skin, so I can check if there is a newer version?

  8. Chabs

    Chabs TK Veteran

    I am yet to update the skin....

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  9. gizmofreak

    gizmofreak Member Forum Supporter

    Sorry! I didn't realise you're the same person!
    Thanks for a great skin, very much appreciated.
  10. lucas29

    lucas29 Member

    How do I install this? Could someone please give me a step by step for open arc on zgemma
  11. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    I presume you mean openatv ftp the ipk to tmp then blue button, plugins, ipk installer choose tmp install it then menu, setup, usage and gui, skin setup and choose the skin
  12. dazza185

    dazza185 Member

  13. jakkus2017

    jakkus2017 Member

    Thanks mate!! very nice skin
  14. pesser

    pesser Member

    nice one
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2016
  15. igoaam

    igoaam Member

  16. pesser

    pesser Member

    guys what picons are best for this skin ?
  17. Chabs

    Chabs TK Veteran

    Transparent white 100 × 60 style...

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  18. pesser

    pesser Member

    theres loads of them in the plugin section how i do which related to virmin ?
  19. Momoney3105

    Momoney3105 Member

    looks good
  20. neilsearle

    neilsearle Member

    Thanks for the upload.