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Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by chrisc1982, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. chrisc1982

    chrisc1982 Member

    I have vermin here in Ireland and was just wondering, is PPV 2 in adult section ITV PPV as PPV 1 is the Sly box office, does any1 know?
  2. No1uKnOw

    No1uKnOw Member

    on woosh the chan will be in red button section,
    named ITV PPV HD
  3. chrisc1982

    chrisc1982 Member

    No red button section on vermin Ireland
  4. grog68

    grog68 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    I read on another thread that PPV2 is infact ITV PPV, sorry can't remember what thread it was. On ITV PPV there are ads showing at the moment here in UK promoting the fight
  5. SkipDonoghue

    SkipDonoghue Member

    Try channel 1001
  6. superfan

    superfan Member

    Has anyone had any joy clearing itv PPV in Ireland?
    both of my ppv channels are showing "channel off air."
    Was hoping to watch the eubank jr fight tonight.
  7. chrisc1982

    chrisc1982 Member

    We don't get itv ppv here in Ireland as my provider told me sure they took itv 1 and 2 off
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  8. superfan

    superfan Member

    Thanks Chris, hopefully itv PPV don't get the may/Mc fight next month.
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