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Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by xyxy, May 16, 2015.

  1. jwigley

    jwigley Member

    New to the service
    420: Eurosport 3
    421: Eurosport 4
    422: Eurosport 5
    439: Eurosport 3 HD
    440: Eurosport 4 HD
    441: Eurosport 5 HD
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  2. garlad

    garlad Member

    Having an issue last couple of weeks.
    Have VM Broadband. When I am downloading a t0rrent, my TV signal (openvix) goes choppy, SNR up and down, very erratic.
    When I pause the download, everything is fine.
    Seems to be a recent issue.
    Anyone else seeing this?
  3. gravehead

    gravehead TK Veteran

    What bb speed do you have?
  4. garlad

    garlad Member

    240 Down, 24 Up
  5. gravehead

    gravehead TK Veteran

    Wi-fi or Ethernet?
  6. garlad

    garlad Member

  7. bren2001

    bren2001 Member

    Anyone have any information of what VM Ireland are doing re cardless boxes. If its happening across the water, it'll happen here.
  8. Caturent

    Caturent Member

    prob take a bit longer for it to happen in ROI, you guys are good for a while lol :haha:
  9. chrisc1982

    chrisc1982 Member

    No word here yet as VM have not recalled Cisco card boxes, they still offering Horizon as main box and Cisco card HD boxes and will eventually happen like in UK but VM cardsharing is rare in Ireland so hopefully we are under the radar
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  10. Manc-Red

    Manc-Red Member

    Just on the encryption side of things for us that's currently streaming, which will mean changes incoming (imho)

    HD Channels (all)

    CAID 1802 - Shareable Card Working via CS.

    CAID 1858 - No card required.

    CAID 1868 - Unknown stream that could be a New version of Nagra. Not streaming on SD channels yet.

    The above to me means initially HD will be only available eventually on cardless boxes but the arrival of 1868 for me may eventually be a new card change that could work on all boxes and without a hack for CS will see us blank.

    1868 is not on the streams in the UK as far as I've been told so what's going on is pure spec, but there is something going on.

    If it went tomorrow I couldn't complain but I do hope that we get along time out of even SD before the inevitable happens.
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  11. dazed

    dazed Member