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VM2 HD Skin

Discussion in 'OpenVIX | OpenATV Skins' started by Chabs, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. jaisunny

    jaisunny Member

    Great Skin thank you.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2017
  2. petermiller

    petermiller Member

    Looking for some help I put the skin onto my box the skin is on it but the epg is still the same as my old skin.

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  3. elephantman

    elephantman Member

    Put the skin on but noticed that when on epg and pressIing program down nothing happens and when pressing up it goes to the next days epg. Any idea how to fix this
  4. Andy4Shurr

    Andy4Shurr Member

    It's there a way I can get a line/indicator of the time over the epg listings?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I managed to code one in :)
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2017
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  5. eagle

    eagle Member

    Can the epg program information be set to scroll down to the bottom or put in a scroll bar? The program information on some programmes doesn't all fit in but you can't read the rest of it.

    Lovely skin though thank you sir

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  6. st8v8n

    st8v8n Member

    Hi Chabs, If I flash my duo2 with the new openvix and then ftp you 3 scripts will it still work or have you got to do something at your end.
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  7. Chabs

    Chabs TK Veteran

    Honestly I have no idea where the script goes in open vix. I have never used that image. I know the cron timers locations have changed for open atv and also the new scripts have new scraping and image optimization sites...

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  8. st8v8n

    st8v8n Member

    Hi Chabs, thank for reply. I now how to set it up in openvix. the Scripts the you sent me Oct 18, 2017 are they for Atv. When I click on the link you sent me, it says script and shows the 3 files. should it be scripts for the openvix.
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  9. Chabs

    Chabs TK Veteran

    The scripts should work for all images as long as they are in the correct location...

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  10. Damien26

    Damien26 Member

    Chabs will this work with current ATV 6.1 ?
  11. st8v8n

    st8v8n Member

    Thanks Chabs, for reply. One of the scripts says # SCRIPT: ChabsScrape.sh and the other says # SCRIPT: VM2Picks.sh in the Pic. should they be # SCRIPTS: ChabsScrape.sh and # SCRIPTS: VM2Picks.sh, if I am using openvix.

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  12. salah100

    salah100 Member

    Lol read above your post..

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  13. st8v8n

    st8v8n Member

    Chabs. I have sorted the 3 SCRIPTS out and it is working now.
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  14. Chabs

    Chabs TK Veteran

    Thats nice mate...

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  15. htidjordan

    htidjordan Member

    Really want this skin but I’m a complete novice. Can anyone provide a more basic step by step guide on how to install it? (An idiots guide if you like)
  16. egt1

    egt1 Member

    I download the skin onto a usb, then shove it into the front of the box - install extension.
    Then after its been installed successfully, remove the usb.
    Go into Display settings, skins and the new skin should be there. Click on the skin and install.

    It can be done by filezilla too (without the need for usb)
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  17. radders97

    radders97 Member

    Hi Chabs - I downloaded and ftp'd the ipk w FileZilla to my zgemma h2. followed the instructions for ATV and all OK. But when I reboot no skin. What did I do wrong? I ignored Telnet command, is that the issue? I don't understand what telnet is.
  18. htidjordan

    htidjordan Member

    Many thanks, sounds straight forward when you put it like that.
    Like the poster above I struggle with the whole telnet command.
  19. teddybloat

    teddybloat Member Forum Supporter

    did you then go to menu>set up>usage..gui>skin selection

    and actually select the new skin?
  20. radders97

    radders97 Member

    yeah I spotted that after I sent my note & expanded the post. Sorry. All good now thanks. Really like it but can I modify/change the colours on the epg?