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Vu duo and iptv/motorised dish?

Discussion in 'Vu+ DUO Support' started by ben_edwards, May 16, 2017.

  1. ben_edwards

    ben_edwards Member

    with all the doom and gloom going on I just wondered if my vu duo is capable of running iptv or being used with a motorised dish as I know the box is pretty old now. I'm not switching just yet just thinking about options for when I need to.
  2. Yoda99

    Yoda99 Member

    Im running IPTV on mine mate along with the old sly channels sat cables still plugged in - that way you can use normal channels but when you need to use pay channels you switch it to IPTV
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  3. ben_edwards

    ben_edwards Member

    Thanks for the reply, does the box crash at all with iptv installed? I've heard there not very good at coping with these sort of addons
  4. Yoda99

    Yoda99 Member

    sometimes a little bit of lag changing channels whilst using IPTV part but other than that no difference. Make you sure you add a swap file in case you arent using one already :)
  5. basil1492

    basil1492 Member

    Hi @Yoda99 , can i ask how you got yours to work? I mean, ive tried using xtream which caused me so many problems i had to reflash my vu duo. Also on iptv i have no idea how to get it to work, almost all channels show nothing. Its probably me doing something really daft wrong but id appreciate any help if possible
  6. Krillin123

    Krillin123 Member

    I have vu duo box and looking to see if there way of running ples or should i just change to one of the MAG boxes?

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