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VU+ Solo2 Alternative uses

Discussion in 'Vu+ SOLO Support' started by Barx, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Barx

    Barx Member

    OK, so reasons which should be pretty obvious, I now have a VU+ Solo2 that is pretty useless to me. I was thinking, as a nice looking unit that is compact and running a version of linux kernel. Is there anyway to re-utilise this as say a small linux based file server / git server /etc

  2. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    run iptv on it?
  3. Willo3092

    Willo3092 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Should run okay as a file and media server on your home network. I was thinking of doing it myself.
  4. Janso

    Janso TK Veteran

    Could always shift your dish to 19.2E as well.

    If you use usenet at all, it has SAB on there.
  5. Studio5

    Studio5 Member

    What did you do with it previously?? What do you want to do with it now. It's one of the best boxes around....it'll run Sat Ccam, IPTV, plex and Kodi, what else do you need. It's certainly not suited to being a file server though.
  6. Barx

    Barx Member

    Had CCam running, that's gone to sleep. Tried IPTV, wife wasn't happy with results, use Firesticks for Kodi, Wife put her foot down and ordered real Sly. I had no arguement left, all my avenues no longer lived up. I just wanted to not let it gather dust in a cupboard as it cost a few quid. I do a bit of dev stuff for android and web. would have made a nice little file NAS and or Git store as a sort of backup unit. Obviously all down to if the software is available which I'm guessing is not, ;)
  7. userlee5267

    userlee5267 Member

    there are some good iptv providers wifey friendly.. mines doing ok upto no different than cccam set up... she does moan a little more especially when there is a channel on at 6am showing whats suppose to be news and its a film with swearing in.. kids know a few more coice words this morning lol
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  8. Barx

    Barx Member

    LOL indeed.

    Issues we came across were:

    * Channels stuck in loops
    * Lack of epg (possibly sortable with fiddling)
    * Channel skipping to next channel on it's own randomly (assuming it was when the stream became sketchy)

    may have been better with a different provider but hey, what's done is done. I was tiring of fighting the war. She was never truely happy with CCam. glitching etc. Not net connection, I get a steady 45+mb/s.

    shame really as it is a really nice looking box.
  9. pupuqiop

    pupuqiop Member Forum Supporter

    Personally in your situation I'd be putting it in another room and running IPTV on it, but if it's no use to you then it might as well be sold hadn't it?
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  10. Barx

    Barx Member

    No other room is really setup for additional boxes. All tv's are wall hung except living room. As for selling, I figured the market would be pretty dead now.....

    Wanna buy it? ;)
  11. userlee5267

    userlee5267 Member

    i miss cccam lol. iptv is good but not that good.

    been trying to sort the lads out in work. i felt a bit bad on them as i set alot up just as it went off, so been trying to help them a little. it's been more hard work with iptv.

    i keep picking providers then they start going down hill quickly (alot don't even know were to look to get one but rely on me to find summat new). im hoping that the shite iptv providers weed them selfs out as its a luck dip at the moment lol
  12. userlee5267

    userlee5267 Member

    sold a 2s the other day for £35 quid to a polish guy lol... then i bought a h2s lol
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  13. pupuqiop

    pupuqiop Member Forum Supporter

    Seems the market is indeed dead... will you take £35 for it?
  14. Janso

    Janso TK Veteran

    I sold my Solo2 for £100 on eBay. :D
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  15. pupuqiop

    pupuqiop Member Forum Supporter

    Ah, back in the day, when they held their value... different climate now y'see ;)
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  16. Janso

    Janso TK Veteran

    *cough* a fortnight or so ago ;)

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  17. samsid

    samsid Member

    I wouldn't blame the box for the iptv services you tried, there is still a handful of sat c/s available to you, if you are in a cable area adding a cable tuner opens up that avenue to you, iptv is still an option, you can create an epg for iptv, I've got sat iptv & cable running on a solo2, kodi is an option, but to be fair it's a bit hit & miss , but still available, there are more birds than 28.2e. You have a lot of options for what is one of the best boxes available, albeit expensive, another reason may be not to sell yourself short by letting it go cheap
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  18. Barx

    Barx Member

    Good morning,

    tbh, my CS is still active, but the familys' fave's have gone. No vigin which had been a chip on my shoulder since we moved here 2 years ago (14 years as a legit cable supporter prior to moving). As for kodi, as mentioned I already have firesticks in most rooms which is neater. It just plugs into the back of the TV and is hidden.

    Would have possibly been useful if it could have been a free 'Multi-room' box for the new Q box the wife got installed. Other than that I ain't paying for anymore services now she has signed up to Sly (only a low package btw). I rarely even watch TV and she is now happy with what she has so no point complicating things more.

    It may simply be time to flog it if it can't be re-utilised.

    Thanks for all the posts so far guys,

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