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When Introducing yourself DONT ASK QUESTIONS!.

Discussion in 'New Member - Please introduce yourself here.' started by HiTeck, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. HiTeck

    HiTeck Administrator Staff Member

    This is the Intro area where you get to know members here - so tell us about yourself?

    How did you find us?
    what made you join?
    What technology interests do you have?

    It isn't a place to ask questions of any kind. We have separate specialist categories for that.

    Choosing the correct section of the forum for your thread, will get you a reply much quicker so Please when starting a thread, choose the correct part of the Forum.

    Don't feel afraid to post, we are a friendly bunch and will not tolerate any kind of bullying.

    Enjoy the Forum and Thanks for Joining.
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Thread Status:
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