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Which box?

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by d4t1983, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. Whitwori

    Whitwori Member

    Might sound a bit thick here, how do you loop through?

    What's transcoding? How does that work ? Is it like a sky go type thing? What can you view? How many devices?

    What did you get installed from suppliers vix or bh?

    Sorry for all questions I'm very interested
  2. Jazzie_bee

    Jazzie_bee Member

    The receiver comes supplied with a lead and I just added two adapters on each end so that the output can be connected to the input on Tuner slot 2.

    Yes i believe it only works on one device at a time and it does use one of your tuners when in use. Works on wi-fi and you can get it to work outside of your network but be careful as you'll need to secure it properly.

    I use Vix and no skins etc.
  3. Whitwori

    Whitwori Member

    Thanks very helpful, think I have decided now

    Last question, what adaptors go on end of cable, is just one feed in then? Sorry that might have been 2 questions
  4. Jazzie_bee

    Jazzie_bee Member

    Depends on how many tuners you go for, if it's just the dual tuner then it'll be one rf to coax male, and if it's two tuner cards then it'll be two male and one female.
  5. Janso

    Janso TK Veteran

    If it's two you'll need a splitter as well obviously.
  6. Jazzie_bee

    Jazzie_bee Member

    The Vu+ have a loop through feature which negates the need for a splitter
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  7. d4t1983

    d4t1983 Member

    Bit the bullet and ordered the VU+ Uno 4K :thumbsup:
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  8. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    Good choice ;-)
  9. Whitwori

    Whitwori Member

    Wish I could decide!!!!!!!

    Might follow your lead to save some cash........... but the Duo 2 keeps calling my name:(
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  10. Jazzie_bee

    Jazzie_bee Member

    Both great boxes but the Uno 4k and Ultimo 4k are the next generation. My personal preference is for an internal HD on boxes, just neat and tidy but if I were to upgrade it would be an Ultimo 4k. I just like the displays so i can see at a glance whats going on.
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  11. Premjack

    Premjack Member

    The H2S can also do this if the transcoder is set up

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  12. Whitwori

    Whitwori Member

    Finally decided and ordered the Duo 2 with 1tb HD and additional C tuner

    Shame I'm in Scotland until Friday and won't be able to play with it

    Thanks for your helps guys, no doubt there will be be some set up questions Friday night/Saturday morning
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  13. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    No shame being in Scotland! :) Good choice of box.
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  14. Whitwori

    Whitwori Member

    LOL, there has been shame on a few nights out in Scotland :D
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  15. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    That goes without saying! :) Where are you?
  16. Whitwori

    Whitwori Member

    Been coming up here at least fortnightly for about 6 years for a couple of nights. Started off at fruit market and now based next to airport at Inchinnan
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  17. Jazzie_bee

    Jazzie_bee Member

    did you remember to get the f-connector adapters?
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  18. Whitwori

    Whitwori Member

    I did mate thanks, although wish I'd got them from box suppliers instead as a £pound cheaper than eBay lol
  19. Whitwori

    Whitwori Member

    Set box up this afternoon and running a treat. Have set up from scratch and then added Sky Q skin. Only issues in set up for m having is I cannot find Kodi or Exodus, I'm sure I've seen these set up but cannot find them?
    Another issue is the picons, I have on LCD screen looking great but they will not appear on EPG?

    Thanks again guys for all the advice and help:)
  20. grog68

    grog68 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Can I ask, how many lines do you need for this box? I know 8 tuners is probably an over kill but have been looking at the Mutant HD51 4K but the VU+Uno 4K looks like its better value for money. Especially that most things we record tend to be on at similar times and overlap and I have to go looking for repeat showings to record in some cases.