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Windows 10 PC Back up all files and Folders including Windows files

Discussion in 'General PC Chat' started by keb669, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. keb669

    keb669 Member

    Morning folks
    Bit of how to is needed here. I have had a PC for over ten years now and in that time I've had a few viruses which after clearing or cleaning of my PC have found that the damage that has been left behind has forced me to wipe the Hard Drive and start all over again.(Bit frustrating). I have never backed up my files and folders but now feel this is a good solution. I have a external Hard Drive can someone explain how to back up Windows Files plus all my other folders to a external Hard Drive so if I have to wipe the C. Drive again I can use the external as a reboot to install all instead of having to download from scratch. Many thanks guys brilliant site this is helped me out many times.
  2. aldan

    aldan VIP Member

    it sounds like you are talking cloning here.you can use a program like macrium reflect free to clone your c drive to your external hdd.this will make an exact copy of your c drive as it is at the time.if the c drive goes down all you have to do is boot to the external drive and clone it back to the c drive.externals can sometimes be a bitch to boot from but if it is a usb connected drive it should work.you will have to start your computer and go into boot menu or bios and select usb to boot first.once you have cloned your external to your c drive,restart and change the boot order back.no need to wipe the c drive first.its easier if you just have a second internal drive in your machine,but this is workable.

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